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Upstate track record bodes well for merger with Crouse (Your Letters)

For the editor:

The article that appeared in your article on August 18, 2022, reporting on a public forum held in the southwestern community to discuss the merger of Upstate Hospital with Crouse Hospital, did not reflect the true tenor of the meeting (“CNY residents slam Upstate, Crouse for evading federal scrutiny before hospital merger”). The article only referred to comments from three people, not the majority of others who asked for relevant information or provided thoughtful feedback The management teams of both hospitals made in-depth presentations and answered all questions.

These two exceptional healthcare facilities have been planning to join under common leadership for many years. The time has come. Upstate has steered a fiscal responsibility ship through troubled waters over the past few years while providing world-class health care to patients in much of upstate New York by helping with research groundbreaking and providing exceptional medical education.

Upstate has a history of success merging with another local hospital. I had the privilege of serving on the SUNY Board of Directors in 2011 when the board voted to approve the merger of Community and Upstate Hospitals. The community was in dire financial straits at the time. Cooperation between management teams has allowed Upstate to stabilize and improve health care services on the now-thriving community campus.

Likewise, by combining their complementary clinical service lines, Crouse and Upstate will be able to create a stable and more coordinated local health care infrastructure to protect and expand the vital services provided at both hospitals. In addition, the merger will maintain local control of hospitals.

Merging the hospitals is in the best interest of this community.

John Murad


The author is a member of the Upstate Foundation’s Board of Directors.