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Ukrainian man uses ‘Find My’ feature on stolen Apple AirPods to track Russian troops

A Ukrainian man says his AirPods were ‘looted’ by Russian ‘orcs’. (Case)

Amid the ongoing war, a Ukrainian man was able to track the whereabouts of Russian troops by using Apple’s device tracking feature to locate his stolen AirPods. According to London timeVitaliy Semenets said his Bluetooth headphones were stolen from his home in Hostomel at the start of the Russian invasion, after which he used the “Find My” function available on Apple products to track the progress of the earplugs stolen and also trace the path of the Russians. troops.

Mr Semenets followed his stolen AirPods as they crossed the border into Belarus and then as they reached Belgorod, the Russian city where troops massed to prepare for the assault on Donbass. The Ukrainian even shared his sneaky trick on Instagram with a caption: “Thanks to technology I know where my AirPods are. [are] now”.

He said his AirPods had been “looted” by Russian “orcs” – the fictional “Lord of the Rings” monsters whose name many Ukrainians use to describe warmongering Russian forces.

In the meantime, it should be mentioned that according to London time, there have been numerous reports of Russian troops looting valuables from Ukrainian homes, which experts say is a sign of the invading forces’ disorganization and lack of discipline. Multiple CCTV footage also showed Russian troops at a post office in Belarus packing washing machines, laptops and electric scooters to send to their families back home. In total, about two tons of goods were even shipped by the 16 Russian soldiers.

Additionally, according to an intercepted call released by Ukrainian security services, a Russian soldier received a shopping list from a relative who wanted a laptop, sneakers and clothes. In another separate case, a soldier was reportedly killed in Irpin after replacing his Kevlar body armor with a Macbook laptop.