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Traders Accelerate CCTV Installation As Deadline Approaches; service providers say demand for gadgets has increased by 40%

Srinagar: Last year, burglars attempted to break into Sajjad Ahmad’s shop twice in Bemina district. Thanks to surveillance and anti-theft gadgets, both attempts were foiled.

Sensing the urgency, every trader is now installing CCTVs in the area. “Every trader, whether big or small, should be monitored by CCTV. The theft attempts were foiled only when I put in place proper security mechanism,” Sajjad said.

Traders and traders in Srinagar have accelerated the installation of CCTV as per administration orders.

Last week, the administration asked traders to install high-definition CCTV cameras outside their establishments for their “own security and deterrence”. Many traders have installed the CCTVs over the past week, while others are also in the process of being installed.

“Many merchants already have this facility. Some merchants will install CCTV after some time. They adhere to the order of the government,” said Chairman of the Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation (KTMF), Muhammad Yaseen Khan.

CCTV Security Kashmir, a leading surveillance service provider, told the Kashmir Monitor that the demand for CCTV installation has increased by more than 40% in the past week.

“For the past week, the demand for the installation of CCTV has been enormous. We are currently installing CCTVs at several sites. Large traders and dealers mostly install CCTV surveillance systems,” said company owner Muneeb Raja.

He said an installation of three CCTV cameras cost Rs 10,000. “The demand was much lower a week before. Since the order came in, more and more traders are asking for the installation of CCTV,” he said.

Khan, however, said around 80% of the business was run by small traders who needed time to install CCTV. “They won’t be able to install these systems because they require a lot of things like cameras and a backup UPS that has to work 24/7. It involves a high cost of inputs that few people can afford,” he said.

The KTMF chief urged the government to provide financial assistance to traders for the installation of CCTV.

“The government should explore an option to provide assistance to traders. For several years, business has not been going well. The economy is down. The government must review the decision,” he said.

He said they had asked the government for time until Eid-ul-Fitr to install CCTVs.