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Track of the Day: Eoghan Moylan – ‘Dark Disco’

“Dark Disco” is the debut single from Galway native Eoghan Moylan, blending heartfelt delivery and witty analogies with an infectious beat.

Emerging singer-songwriter and producer Eoghan Moylan has unveiled his debut single in the form of “Dark Disco”, merging the genres of alternative pop, indie and rock into one.

The Galway man started his music career by sharing wildly creative covers online, before digging into the details of the original tracks to form ‘Dark Disco’.

“I want to be the best storyteller possible,” insists the jack-of-all-trades Moylan. ‘Dark Disco’ is a song about learning to let go, with infectious melodies that drive the song forward.

“I wrote it while in isolation, at my old estate in Galway City,” says Moylan. “But I recorded it a year later, in a spare room, when I had the chance to travel to Granada.”

The result is a song mysteriously situated – right between loneliness and the excitement of connection.

Moylan’s lyrics tell a seemingly simple story: a man meets a woman. She shows him how to capture pleasure, life, thrills, before it’s too late. The entire story is navigated with charming puns and witty vignettes: “It’s a mythical creature”, sings Moylan, “never reached the ark”.

A smooth, easy electric guitar strums Moylan’s tenor range chords to open the song. Clever pop percussion, distorted guitars and cheerful brass swell the chorus.

Eoghan’s debut song invites its listeners to shed self-imposed shackles and say yes to a little adventure. The new Irish artist is full of potential, with ‘Dark Disco’ a radio-ready gem reminiscent of Kings of Leon, The Strokes, Two Door Cinema Club and The Killers.

Moylan was born and raised in Connemara and spent most of his youth surrounded by traditional music and dance. The musician went from impromptu sessions with family and friends in his grandmother’s kitchen to learning the piano on his older sister’s broken old keyboard. He hasn’t looked back since.

Studying software engineering in college led him to discover digital synthesizers, which he used to create a unique electronic narrative voice in his music. A talented visual artist, in addition to his writing and production abilities, he personally produces the graphics and videos for each of his songs.

Listen to the explosive ‘Dark Disco’ below: