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Tile rolls out ‘Scan and Secure’ feature to track unwanted trackers

The user will see a new scan icon located at the top right of the app’s login screen, but existing users can also access scan and security through the app settings.

Nowadays, the loss of objects can be avoided thanks to the trackers available in the market. However, this technology has a problem: it can also be misused by others. We have witnessed that in the problems faced by Apple Airtag in recent months and now, its competitor, Tilehopes to fix this problem with the release of its “Scan and Secure” feature.

This new feature, which will be rolling out over the next couple of weeks, has one main purpose to offer users: finding possible Tile devices that might be traveling with them. However, what makes it great is its availability to literally anyone. According to Tile, you don’t need to have your own Tile device. The app works and is accessible for any iOS and android users who feel a little paranoid about being unknowingly tracked.

“Using a Tile to track someone’s location without their knowledge is not only against our Terms of Service, it’s also against the law in many regions, and we don’t condone the use of our technology in this way,” says Tile on its Publish. “To that end, if you’re ever concerned that someone might be tracking you, we’re now offering a feature that allows you to determine if that tracking can be done through a Tile product. Scan and Secure, which starts rolling out this week for anyone with the Tile app (even if you don’t have a Tile account), will let you scan for unknown Tiles or Tile-enabled devices that might be traveling with you .

Using Scan and Secure has a few requirements to work. Along with allowing permission for Bluetooth, location or location services and precise location, the user needs to get the latest version of the Tile app. After that, the user will see a new Scan icon located at the top right of the app’s login screen, but existing users can also access Scan and Secure through the app’s settings.

Using the new feature, however, does not promise you the most accurate results without a bit of work to do as it lacks a precision search tool. According to Tile, users who want to use Scan and Secure should move away from their original location. He said this will allow the app to accurately determine if there are really Tile devices tracking users or if it’s just a signal picked up by the app from devices that are tracking users. pass. Additionally, Tile noted that it needed a full 10 minutes of uninterrupted time to produce accurate results. Once the scan is complete, the app will show the results, but Tile advises you to do another round of scans if you want to be sure.