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Three6five, H3C partner to accelerate the digital transformation of South African companies

Maurizio Zussa, Channel Director Africa Region at H3C, left, with Nick Treasure, CIO at three6five

H3C Technologies, an industry leader in digital solutions and enterprise networks, named three6fivea leading provider of Digital Enterprise Infrastructure Operations (DBIO) solutions, as an Advanced Certified Partner (ACP) in the Africa region.

ACPs are Tier 2 partners with strong industry experience and resource advantages. They are integrated solution and service providers responsible for sales and technical services to resellers or end users.

H3C’s business model is to engage only through partners who engage with end users. This means that three6five’s customers can access H3C’s comprehensive solutions in chip, compute, storage, networking, 5G, security, terminals and related areas.

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Three6five customers also benefit from fast turnaround times. Deployment of full campus and enterprise networking requirements begins two weeks after ordering; proofs of concept can be deployed in less than two weeks.

H3C’s unstoppable mission to shape the digital future for a better life

H3C a maintained its leadership in data centers and networks, and is a niche player in Gartner’s 2021 Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls – for the fifth consecutive year.

It also applies considerable research and development resources and investments in 5G, chip and security solutions and applications. The company invests 14% of its annual turnover in R&D and more than half of its employees are R&D personnel. It has filed more than 12,000 patents, of which more than 90% are invention patents.

The company has an established and agile global supply chain and has built spare parts centers in 19 countries, spanning 174 major cities with end-to-end capabilities in market development, project delivery and service support.

Access to advanced technologies

Nick Treasure, CIO at three6five, said: “We are excited about the partnership with H3C. We will be able to provide our customers with a complete and unique digital platform that includes traditional infrastructure, as well as elements of cloud computing, big data, interconnectivity, information security, Internet of Things , edge computing, artificial intelligence and 5G solutions. and end-to-end technical services. All this in a very attractive time frame.

Maurizio Zussa, Director of Africa Region at H3C, said: “The partnership with three6five is part of our strategy to actively strengthen our participation in international markets and facilitate the digital transformation of more foreign customers, high-level design to technological implementation. through industry-leading end-to-end integrated solutions.

“We are confident that three6five has the skills, experience and technical capabilities to design, deploy and support our end-to-end enterprise offering for businesses in South Africa.”

Try before you buy

Three6five’s expert engineers and technical support team are ready to offer enterprise customers:

  • The ability to “try before you buy”, with short-term availability of advanced network equipment; and
  • Superior technical assistance and technical support.

“H3C’s cutting-edge technologies enable digital transformation and industrial digitization across various industries,” says Treasure. “We can now fully drive the change and development of the global digital economy by providing the best products and solutions to our customers.”

about three6five
Three6five is a leading provider of Digital Enterprise Infrastructure Operations (DBIO) solutions. Founded by engineers in 2006, three6five understands how to apply digital technologies and build and manage the digital networks that work best for businesses. He helps clients identify and capture business-critical outcomes in the moment, helping them build, deploy and support the forward-thinking infrastructure they need to translate digital technology into business success. . Three6five is a proud B-BBEE Level 2 contributor. For more information, contact three6five today.

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