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The Thompson track will receive a topcoat this summer as part of the St. Charles School District’s Summer Capital Improvement Program – Shaw Local

The Thompson Middle School track is scheduled to receive its topcoat this summer as part of the St. Charles School District’s summer capital improvement plan.

The track was installed in 2019 at the school as part of a two-year renovation project at the school.

“The foundation of this track is solid,” John Baird, the district’s assistant superintendent for operations, told school board members Monday at the school board’s business services committee meeting. “They ask that you usually wait two to three years in this process that we followed until we went ahead and put the top surface on it. If you can believe it, it’s been three years now.

Elburn-based Track Surfaces Company expects to complete the work at a cost of no more than $140,000. Track Surfaces Company is the Omnia program provider for the system.

“The compatible track surface system is available through the Omnia Cooperative Purchasing Program, including installation,” Dan Kritta, a partner at Wold Architects, said in a letter to Baird. “To ensure that the proposed work is consistent with the current manufacturer of the base system and placed by the original installer, we recommend continuing the completed track surface system through the cooperative purchasing program.”

Kritta told Baird that the system’s topcoat finish includes all scratches that meet National Federation of State High School Association and Illinois Association of High Schools guidelines and a new two-year warranty. years on all materials and workmanship.

In 2016, the board approved a plan to modernize Wredling Middle School, renovate Thompson Middle School, and close Haines Middle School by fall 2019. The renovation project, which began in the summer 2017, added air conditioning to the school along with 31 new classrooms, 11 new science labs, a new auxiliary gymnasium, an expanded cafeteria, and a new athletics area.

The project also includes a newly constructed bus drop-off and pick-up area behind the school, which is designed to improve traffic flow on Indiana and Seventh streets.