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Tesla on track for record sales in Australia this month

After months of delivery delays, a record number of shipment arrivals in recent weeks could see Tesla rank among Australia’s top 10 brands once the next round of sales data is released.

Electric car specialist You’re here is on track for its best month of deliveries to Australia ever, if the latest shipment data is any indication.

Reputable Tesla Expedition Tracker Veda Prime reports that another ship containing Tesla cars arrived in Australia on Saturday – the fifth in the space of two weeks, which would set a record for the electric car leader.

It’s unclear exactly how many cars are in each expedition, however. Veda Prime says ‘thousands’ have arrived in Australia – and ‘thousands more [are still] coming this quarter [by the end of September]”, with “records [to] be broken. »

This represents a U-turn from the previous five months, when COVID-19 lockdowns in China dampened Tesla’s production in March and April, and saw only 240 cars reported as sold – referring to deliveries instead. than to orders placed – in Australia between April and July 2022.

The increase in deliveries is, among other factors, the upgrade of Tesla’s factory in Shanghai last month, which is now said to be capable of producing up to 14,000 Model Y SUVs and 7,700 Model 3 sedans per week.

Since it began reporting sales figures to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries earlier this year, Tesla’s best sales month was March, when 3,097 cars were reported sold.

Between January and March 2022, Veda Prime reported the arrival of three shipments of Tesla cars from China.

In each of the three-month periods April-June, July-September and October-December 2021, four car shipments are believed to have docked in Australia.

Where it previously took three months for four car ships to reach Australian shores, this month Tesla achieved the same feat in just two weeks.

The final number of new Tesla cars delivered in August 2022 won’t be known until early next month – when sales figures are released by the FCAI.

However, based on Discs Estimates say August 2022 sales figures could rank Tesla among the top 10 best-selling brands in Australia for the first time. According to the performance of other brands, Tesla even has a chance to be in the Top Five this month.

The 3,097 cars Tesla reported sold in March 2022 put it 10th in industry sales.

While the numbers vary from month to month, the Top Five brands usually report at least 6,000 sales per month.

Since the start of this year, Tesla has reported 4,657 cars sold.

Tesla’s latest deliveries include the popular Model 3 sedan and the new Model Y SUV – deliveries of which began earlier this month, after order books opened in June.

As deliveries reach record highs for Tesla, wait times persist.

Tesla’s website currently lists estimated delivery dates between February and May 2023 for new Model 3 or Model Y orders placed today.

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