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Special camps in Taluk offices today and tomorrow to speed up compensation for COVID-19 deaths

Kottayam: Special camps will be organized at Taluk offices across Kerala on Monday and Tuesday December 20 and 21, in order to expedite the granting of the financial aid announced by the government for the relatives of those who have died due to COVID-19.

The special camps are proceeding as more requests are expected, although the Land Revenue Commissioner earlier ordered to accept the requests until Sunday evening.

Dependents of COVID-19 victims to receive emergency aid of Rs 50,000 as per Supreme Court directive and financial assistance of Rs 5,000 each for 36 months to people living below the poverty line , in accordance with the program developed by the Government of Kerala.

Panchayat members were urged to bring beneficiaries to their respective quarters in the camps at taluk offices and get the names of all eligible people registered on the portal.

Village offices open on Sunday

Some village offices in Kerala even operated on Sunday to speed up the process of providing financial assistance to relatives of Covid victims.

The Land Revenue Commissioner had ordered that the review of applications be completed by Sunday evening. Following the directive, many village offices were to operate even on Sundays.

A total of 15 applications were received on Sunday at the village offices of Kumarakom, Athirambuzha and Chirakadavu in Kottayam district.

Although the Erumely village office is open, no applications were received.

Pattayam camps too

A camp was organized from 9 a.m. on Sunday by the Chirakadavu village office to submit a full report on the people living in the Parathodu settlement in the No.14 neighborhood. It was organized to speed up the process of ‘granting of “pattayam” (title to the land allocated) to certain families.

Tax officials visited the Parathodu settlement and gathered details. Of the 58 families here, 13 belonging to the Scheduled Tribe category have not yet received a “pattayam” and 36 people have lost it.

Panchayat members Jaya Sreedhar, Gopi Parathodu, village officer T Harris, village special officers Anson Mathew, Joby Jacob, assistants KC Ajikumar, EK Sam, PR Harilal took part in the camp.

The offices in the villages of Kaduthuruthy and Karukachal also operated on Sundays, but to carry out work relating to the removal of flags from public places.