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Soundwide is poised to become the leading audio and music creation ecosystem as the newly named parent company of Native Instruments and iZotope

Berlin, April 12, 2022—Today, Native Instruments, the leading manufacturer of music creation products, and iZotope, the experts in smart audio technology, introduce Soundwide as the new name of their parent company and welcome several new members to the Soundwide group of brands. Soundwide unites the two industry-leading companies into a unified group, alongside renowned audio plugin platform Plugin Alliance and audio software company Brainworx who recently joined.

Soundwide’s goal is to make music creation a more joyful and inspiring experience for creators everywhere by helping them find and stay in their creative flow. Flagship brands Native Instruments and iZotope, which joined forces in 2021, will live on as product brands under Soundwide, sharing a collective vision to inspire and empower creators to express themselves and reinvent the future. sound. The introduction of Soundwide lays the foundation for building the most diverse and integrated ecosystem for audio creation. Now home to a user base of over 10 million, the parent company will help customers benefit from the combination of different brands, more integrated product portfolio, increased value and improved user experience that Soundwide brings together.

Plugin Alliance and Brainworx, two companies founded by CEO Dirk Ulrich with 60 employees in the US and Germany, now join Soundwide in this shared vision. As a platform, Plugin Alliance offers creators flexibility and choice in selecting the right tools for their work, and provides industry partners with a platform to sell, market and deliver to more one million user accounts. Brainworx is the leading product contributor to the market, with a specialty in high-end software emulations of analog hardware from their international network of partners.

Along with these new additions, Soundwide welcomes the newly formed Sound Stacks, born from the minds of Cesare Ferrari and Julian Storer, the creator of the open source audio application framework JUCE. Sound Stacks will drive the development of new audio platform technologies aimed at improving the productivity and performance of audio developers in the industry.

In order to connect its mission with creators and empower communities around the world, Soundwide has formed a new committee of artists, further leveraging the relationships Native Instruments and iZotope have nurtured with some of the world’s leading musicians and producers. ‘industry. Inaugural board members include singer-songwriter Alicia Keys, recording and mixing engineer Ann Mincieli, producer and rapper EL-P of Run the Jewels, musician/producer/songwriter Jacob Collier, composer Ludwig Göransson, producer and engineer Noah “40” Shebib, production duo Take A Daytrip, singer-songwriter Tayla Parx, and producer and engineer Young Guru, all of whom have significant connections within the band Soundwide, and which Soundwide considers to be among the most innovative and accomplished in the world. Collectively, the committee of artists has won 29 GRAMMY awards (out of 77 nominations) and their own recorded music has amassed over 10 billion streams on YouTube and Spotify alone. Advising Soundwide on a regular basis, the Board will provide critical advice on creator needs, product roadmaps, community building, and new methods of promoting inclusive communities in the entertainment industry. music.

Soundwide CEO Mark Cattini explains, “Going forward, we’re asking ourselves, ‘What do our community members need to harness their ultimate creative workflow and how can we help them get there? ? “. By discovering and understanding the needs of our community first, we can define our goals and take a step closer to the future of sound. Soundwide’s Artist Panel provides a unique opportunity to provide more seats at the table and collaborate with panel members to bring new voices into the conversation.

To celebrate the introduction of the parent company, Soundwide will be offering products from Native Instruments ETHEREAL LANDfrom iZotope neutron elements and Plugin Alliance and the six Brainworx plugins welcome package, which will be available for free. Get specific details for claiming all of these products on the Native Instruments and iZotope websites. Offer available from April 12, 2022 to April 26, 2022.