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Song of the day: Nezi Momodu — “NOSE”

In her first official music video, Nezi Momodu proves why she’s the queen of puns with a 90s-style rap track.

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Nezi Momodu — “NOSE”
RIYL: old school rap with a 2022 twist
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She’s not called the “Queen of Puns” for nothing. This song, released about a month ago, delivers bar after bar. She talks about everything from her flow being “big as fat” and her “shit [riding] like the dude who doesn’t have a whip. Any way to incorporate a good pun is a dub in my book – and even better if it stimulates your brain to get the real meaning.

This song transcends you to the 90s, to the early days of Missy Elliott with flow and mixing. His tone over the beats works hand in hand to give you that old-school vibe, so it’s quite a throwback jam.

The video clip directed by Torres in Germany also attracts attention from the start. It bounces between scenes of Momodu in a fish-eye lens in front of a disco ball, in a purple room in a purple cup and a lime green look in front of a backdrop of clouds. She embodies the villain character she knows she has, and this is her first clip? Crazy awesome.

For more on this Dallas icon, Momodu has been in the rap scene since her college days at Texas Tech University — where she appeared in the cyphers and found her niche as a musician. Since then, she came to DFW and made a name for herself with 283.1,000 TikTok subscribers and a few dozen songs on streaming services.

If you’re heading to Austin this weekend for SXSW, keep an eye out for Momodu’s set so you can see this lyrical mastermind put his skills to the test with a live performance.

Cover photo courtesy of Nezi Momodu’s Facebook page.