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Soludo’s transformation program for Anambra is on track, says APGA Media Warriors’ Obigwe – The Sun Nigeria

By Aloysius Attah Onitsha

Evang Chinedu Obigwe, National Coordinator of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) Media Warriors Forum, said that all governance indicators measured so far in Anambra State showed that the transformation agenda of Administration of Chukwuma Soludo is set to be achieved within five months after his swearing in.

Obigwe, in a press statement issued to Awka, said the only language Governor Soludo understands and speaks very well is selfless service and redefining governance in Nigeria using Anambra as a test case.

He said the Governor’s footprints in Anambra State so far can be compared to an apostolic work for the people of the state as he is determined to change what can be described as the norm in the Nigeria’s governance system.

“I said Nigeria and not just Anambra because that is exactly what Governor Soludo is fighting to achieve. The good thing about what Governor Soludo is doing is that his goal is to make ordinary people on the streets happy. .He is after what his government will do that will positively affect the common man on the street.It was what he intended to achieve but in doing so he is positively touching the lives of ndi Anambra and the residents of state,” he said.

Citing examples to back up his position, Obigwe said the safety of life and property that the Soludo administration has restored to Anambra State is valued by both the powerful and the common people.

“The massive road construction that will begin in the state immediately after the rainy season will be enjoyed by the masses of the state and not just the common people. Governor Soludo has used his five months in office to prove to ndi Anambra that they were not mistaken in voting overwhelmingly for him in the last gubernatorial election”.

“Nothing gives him more sleepless nights than the thoughts of how to positively touch everyday people’s lives. He does the job that ndi Anambra hired him to do honestly without politicizing it with lies.

“It is clear from the way Governor Soludo operates that his dream of transforming Anambra into Africa-Dubai-Taiwan is still alive and being implemented in another way. He is doing his best to turn Anambra State into the best state in Nigeria at a time when Nigeria’s economy is in bad shape.

“His reaction to the collapse of the Nigerian economy is that the party is overwhelmed meaning things that were once available can no longer be sustained rather he has been swept away by his disruptive change initiative administration for the sake of ordinary people on the street. There is no doubt that at the end of Governor Soludo’s eight years in office, Anambra will become a state we can be proud of and our state will be a benchmark for good governance in Nigeria.

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He revealed that industrialization is one of Governor Soludo’s priorities, hence his reason to ruthlessly tackle the problem of insecurity that has emerged in the state.

He said Governor Soludo did this because he knew that without security there would be no meaningful and sustainable development in Anambra.

“Today, the problem of insecurity is a thing of the past thanks to the proactive measures taken by Governor Soludo to end it in our state. The kind of development Governor Soludo is attracting to Anambra can be called development with a difference.”

“For example, the type of roads that Governor Soludo wants to build in the state are roads that will have a lifespan of 30 to 50 years. The roads under Soludo will also have footbridges so that those who walk with their legs will stop risking their lives walking on the road intended for motorists instead they will now walk on the footbridges. This will go a long way in saving the lives of people who still get into accidents while walking on the motorist road.”

“Governor Soludo is determined to change the teaching profession at Anambra with the worthy goal of giving Anambra students the best services they deserve. It is currently doing this through the massive recruitment of teachers. He is also passionate about rebuilding our schools so that Anambra students have a place to learn. Recruitment of doctors and nurses is also underway so that Anambra hospitals provide the best services to ndi Anambra.

“A situation where a patient will go to Umueri General Hospital, Ekwulobia General Hospital or Enugu Ukwu General Hospital and the person will not see a doctor or nurse for s Taking care of him or her is what Governor Soludo wants to stop with his administration’s continued recruitment of doctors. and state nurses.

“To respond to all this, Governor Soludo blocked all government drain pipes and made monthly savings for ndi Anambra through the blockage. The savings are also used to intervene in areas that are in urgent need of intervention. Very soon, the section of the Upper Iweka Road bridge that is giving motorists headaches will be repaired the same way Governor Soludo repaired the bad part of Amansea Road.

“Disinterested service delivery is obviously the watchword of Governor Soludo’s administration and he is leading by example. Ndi Anambra voted for him to transform our state and from all indications, the ndi Anambra transformation program is being actualized by Governor Soludo’s administration. Let us continue to support Governor Soludo’s administration to enable him to actualize his divine mission in our state,” he said.