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RKL releases 1989 concert for “Live In A Dive” (stream a track)

Thrashy punk veterans RKL (aka Rich Kids on LSD) had a massive influence on NOFX, Lagwagon and other skate punk bands and their 80s material left an undeniable mark on the pop punk boom of the following decade, so it’s very exciting that they’ve unearthed a concert recording from their classic era for the tenth episode of Fat Wreck Chords’ Living in a dive series. It was recorded on May 12, 1989 in Holland and largely includes songs from 1987 rock ‘n’ roll nightmare and it’s out June 3 via Fat (pre-order). Here is some background information, per press release:

The tenth installment of Fat Wreck’s Live in a Dive series takes us back over 30 years to Eindhoven, Holland. The date is May 12, 1989, shortly before Montecito, Calif. punk rockers RKL — aka Rich Kids On LSD — called it quits (for the first time, anyway). In fact, at this point the wheels are wobbly and starting to fall off the group. Their stay in Europe is surrounded by the smoke of hash, alcohol, drugs and debauchery which is only exacerbated by their youthful and careless abandonment. The tension also takes its toll with van tours, sleepless nights, heavy drinking, drug use, and the tension beginning to build like barnacles on the RKL ship. Especially between vocalist Jason Sears and drummer Richard ‘Bomer’ Manzullo who are struggling with the direction of the band seven years into their career. Not that you can tell from these songs. The 17-song set – much of it taken from the 1987 album Rock ‘n Roll Nightmare – was recorded at the famous Eindhoven squat-turned-De Effenaar, and is beautifully rough and raw. In fact, it looks like the band members are having a blast. Probably because, despite everything that was going on behind the scenes, when they were on stage, they were having a blast!

“It definitely brings back the excitement of those days,” says Joe Raposo, who joined the band as bassist in 1987. “Even the hard times, which were tough, were still exciting, I have to admit. Having to dealing with the change in musical direction that Bomer was adamant about was definitely a disappointment, because we all loved the sound of Rock N Roll Nightmare and wanted to continue that sound for new songs, which I think is kind of ironic, because that Bomer is the one who wrote the most music on this album! But that’s how he was, always improving. Dealing with the escalation of heavy drug use was not fun and weighed heavily about the members not participating. But listening to this album also brings back all the wonderful memories of the fun we had on the road, touring in a van with [Destiny Records founder] Dave Pollak. We were all very young and we were just living life and going about it. We were teenagers and early twenties, and we were literally having the best time of our lives together, you know? It was like living fast, dying young and leaving behind a beautiful corpse!

The first single is a heartbreaking rendition of “Scab On My Brain,” and you can hear it and check out the full track list below.

Fat Mike, cover artist Dan Sites and RKL’s Chris Rest also just discussed RKL’s history on Fat Mike’s Fat Mic.

Track list
1. Lies
2. Nice feeling
3. Break the camel’s back
4. The hangover
5. Go home
6. Lay down your weapons
7. Scabies on my brain
8. Drink positive
9. Tribute to the jester
10. Blocked
11. Rumors
12. Life in a Bottle
13. Merger
14. Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare
15. Pothead
16. Why?
17. Ded Teds