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Results budget: nearly 70% of projects on track | Delhi News

New Delhi: Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia delivered a bulletin on the work of the state government, or the final budget 2021-22, on Friday. According to the report, 67.3 percent of government projects and programs were “on track,” with women and children’s development and energy topping the list having achieved 80 percent of sector targets.
Sisodia claimed that Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP government was the only one that set its own accountability and pointed it out to citizens. Introduced in 2017-2018, the final budget assesses the implementation of the state budget proposals.
“The idea is to let people know where the proposals in the previous year’s budget stand,” the CM MP said. “It reveals whether we were able to deliver on our promises or not. The Kejriwal government does not get bogged down in files and rhetoric, it keeps all its promises.
The results budget indicates that around 60,000 patients visited the 520 mohalla clinics and the satisfaction rate among them was 90%. “More than 85% of patients waited less than 20 minutes to see a doctor,” he said.
The Delhi government is planning a total of 1,000 mohalla clinics in the city for primary health care, although there are currently only 520. One of the reasons for the slow construction of mohalla clinics is unavailability of land, government officials said. The results budget assessed work in the health sector on 110 indicators and found 81 (74%) of them to be on track, with 29 (26%) off track.
One of the areas where the target has not been met is in residential delivery. The Delhi government had planned to have 2.25 lakh of institutional deliveries in 2021-22 but only managed 1.58 lakh. The Covid-19 pandemic has been blamed for this shortfall. The government provided cashless treatment in private hospitals to 2,804 patients, according to the final budget document. Additionally, 71,559 radiological tests – X-rays, CT scans, MRIs – were carried out at private centers but the costs were reimbursed under the Delhi Arogya Scheme in April-December 2021.
Sisodia also said that the Delhi government’s 2020 electric vehicle policy aims for a 25% share of such eco-friendly vehicles in new registrations by 2024. Vehicles.
Of the 104 education output/outcome indicators, 72% were determined to be on track. The 28% of projects deemed overdue included in-service teacher training and failure to complete new classrooms and school buildings. While the target was to train 42,989 teachers from Delhi’s municipal corporations and government, only 31,539 received training.
The recruitment of professors at the State Council for Educational Research and Training also showed only a satisfaction rate of 27%. The District Institute for Teacher Training also filled only 53% of vacancies as of December 2021. Almost 49% of principal and deputy principal positions in Delhi’s public schools remained vacant.
Setting up digital classrooms and geography and science labs, for which Rs 250 crore and Rs 38 crore were allocated, respectively, in the latest budget, were among the 44 “not applicable” indicators. Proposals with positive results included an increase in enrollment in public schools in Delhi with a new record at 17.8 lakh students, the launch of the deshbhakti program and the school business project Business Blaster.
In higher education, 63% of the 73 projects were deemed to be on track. Under Merit and Means Financial Aid, the Delhi government distributed Rs 48.1 crore to 6,820 students against Rs 24. 1 crore to 3,760 students in 2019-20. Off-track projects were primarily related to lower ranking in the National Institutional Ranking Framework of State Universities.
The planning and infrastructure development wing of the government – Department of Public Works – has installed 105 national flags so far. To celebrate 75 years of independence, the government had planned to put up 500 national flags by August this year. Sisodia said 71% of the indicators were on track.
PWD, however, fell behind in its goal of completing the Ashram flyover, and the status report had the building only 40% full. The government was also supposed to build two metros, but it is lagging behind. To facilitate pedestrian traffic, PWD has been building 15 footbridges over the past two years and work on only two has been completed. Delhi has installed 1.3 lakh CCTV cameras this year against the target of 1.5 lakh.
The final budget indicated that five urban forests were being developed against the six targets and that 60% of the work was completed there by December 2021. Green coverage had increased by 493 hectares against the planned 600 hectares.