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Ready-to-mount track sensors for track lighting installations

05-09-2022 | Helvar | Lighting technologies

Helvar offers a new series of six 32XTR track sensors that increase the variety of possible applications and design opportunities for system sensors and speed installation and flexibility of use.

It has partnered with Unipro to create DALI track sensors for track lighting installations. The new product allows customers to purchase Helvar 32X series DALI system sensors as ready-to-install DALI Tracksensor products. The track lights allow easy, flexible and safe installation of the device in the desired position on the track. The possibility of installing DALI sensors, as well as the luminaires, simplifies the design and installation of lighting. Tracksensors allow lighting designers to place system sensors on light tracks rather than separately on the ceiling, meaning fewer design drawings and the future-proof ability to simply add more sensors or to reposition those that already exist.

These products can be used with Helvar Imagine and ActiveAhead lighting control solutions and function as 32X sensors when mounted on the ceiling. DALI track lights can be used to produce ready-to-install packages using products such as ActiveAhead Node Advanced. Track sensors and DALI addressing allow individual light level adjustment and control of track-mounted luminaires. The solution with ActiveAhead Node Advanced is ready to use and can be fine-tuned where and when needed using a mobile app.

Its recent Node Advanced upgrade introduced new scalability to its ActiveAhead intelligent wireless lighting control solution. It made it possible to connect and control individual DALI luminaires and selected DALI devices such as sensors and relays.