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Railroads Recorded Highest Loadings and Freight Revenues Ever; exceeded track electrification target in the last fiscal year | India News

NEW DELHI: Indian Railways broke a number of records in 2021-22 by recording the highest ever freight loading and freight revenue and surpassing track electrification target in the last fiscal year ending March 31. Cargo loading stood at 1,418 million tonnes (MT) in 2021-22, an increase of 15% from the previous year and revenue from cargo movement touched around Rs 1.44 crore over the past year, an increase of 28% over the previous year.
The Ministry of Road Transport also performed well in the allocation and construction of national roads despite losing 3-4 months due to the second wave of Covid which forced companies to demobilize their workforce from construction sites. The overall allocation of NH projects for development amounted to 11,200 km in 2021-22 compared to almost 11,000 km the previous year. However, total NH construction was close to 10,500 km compared to 13,327 km in 2020-21. The ministry had created a record in NH construction in 2020-21 by achieving 37 km of construction per day.
Similarly, the country’s 12 central government ports recorded an “impressive” growth of 6.94% in terms of traffic movement in 2021-22 compared to the previous year. The Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI), which deals with all national waterways, reported the transport of 105 million tonnes of goods through the national waterways, registering a 25.6% increase from a year to year.
In a statement, the Ministry of Railways said Indian Railways had passed the 1,400 million ton mark in freight loading for the first time and the additional loading was mainly due to coal and cement. The only exception was fertilizers, demand for which was subdued due to high international prices.
He said the record electrification of 6,366 km of road was achieved in the last fiscal year and surpassed the previous best of 6,015 km of road in 2020-2021. Until the end of March, out of 65,141 km of broad gauge railways, 52,247 km have been electrified, or 80.2% of this total network.
“We have exceeded the objective of laying a new line, doubling and conversion of gauge. the railways have reached 2,904 km against a target of 2,400 km,” an official said. He added that the national carrier also recorded the highest ever electric locomotive production and induction in 2021-2022, which hit 1,110.