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People torn apart by ‘anti-social’ bike path built in family neighborhood

Residents of Wallasey are torn by the success of a new cycle lane installed to quell anti-social behavior by the city’s Central Park.

Those who live around Wallasey Central Park have given their verdict on a new bike pump track recently installed in a former rose garden. The track, aimed at older children, was installed earlier this year and is meant to help reduce “anti-social behaviour” which “often stems from boredom” in young people.

However, some people who live in the area have since said they are scared or worried about the tracks, especially those with young children. Last week, a 13-year-old boy was attacked and nearly had his bike stolen while riding on the track.

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Despite this, the verdict of the residents of the track is still undecided.

For some, it was a success, and they reported that the new track prevented so many bikes from being ridden on public park trails as if it were a track. They also said it was a sign of improvement and investment in the area.

Anne Ault, 73, who lives next to Central Park, said from what she has seen so far it has been a success. She said she was “delighted” to see it being built in February.

She said: “We’ve seen the kids there and they seem to be really enjoying it. We’re very happy with it and were thrilled when we saw them building it. It’s mostly teenagers using it. They used to run along the tracks.

“My husband and I used to ride around the park pretty much every day. We know the park very well and love seeing things for the younger kids as well as people like us, like this new track .

“And now you don’t have to go much in good weather to see kids enjoying the park.”

Not everyone agrees. Vicky, who lives in the area with her 12-year-old daughter, told ECHO: “I think it’s good because the kids go there and they hang around more, but I think they’ve ruined the park They should’ I built it on unused land.

“There’s a lot of mess. I can understand why they would want to do something like this for the kids because they need something, but I don’t think this is the right place to do it.

“I think it should have been another bigger place. A park is a nice place for a family, not for older kids on bikes. I think they shouldn’t have put it there, they should have leave it .

“I think they made a big mistake putting that there.

“I don’t think a park should be just for teenagers. It’s hard because otherwise where would you put it? But I don’t like that.”

Hannah, 39, who lives with her husband nearby, said: “I don’t really know where else they could put him. I think the park is a good option because people know he’s there , it is in a central location and there are plenty of people for it to serve.

“It gives young people somewhere to go. It’s a positive thing for kids to do.

“I walk around the park quite often and when the kids aren’t at school it tends to get quite a bit of use. I think it was in use even before it was officially open – the kids liked it. used when the scaffolding was still in place.

“I think it’s hard to say whether it worked or not. [to make the park more friendly]. Because it’s summer, it’s harder to know because it’s still late in the day, but what will happen in winter when it’s dark, because then crossing the park can be a problem for anyone.”

Speaking about the proposed cycleway construction in November 2021, Cllr Janette Williamson, the Labor leader of the Wirral Council, said: ‘It is important to provide activities, anti-social behavior often comes from boredom.

“We have things to do in Central Park, with sports activities and the pumping track, on which we did a consultation and found more than 85% of the participants supported.

The new track was a key part of Liscard’s downtown action plan.

ECHO has contacted Wirral Council for comments.

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