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Parasuram and Executive Express services discontinued, Mangalore Central – Nagercoil Jn Parasuram Express service, Malabar region services discontinued

Indian Railways says track maintenance work at West Hill was behind the move, but the failure to run services at least as far as Shornur remains questionable.

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Kozhikode: Train No. 16649 Mangalore Central – Nagercoil Jn Parasuram Express service will be completely halted from May 20 to 25 due to doubling of tracks along this route. Alappuzha-Kannur Executive Express will only operate on Mondays and Wednesdays until May 20.

The disruption of services will affect people who commute daily in the northern neighborhoods. Many people book subscriptions and also depend on these services. These trains can operate services as far as Alappuzha or operate partially as far as Kochi. Service times may also be delayed by a few days. But the railroad’s decision to cancel services was made without considering those alternatives.

Many passenger trains have not restored interrupted services and some trains are not stopping at smaller stations. All this poses a difficult situation for the inhabitants of the Malabar region.

Times for many services, including Jan Shatabdi, have been changed, but these don’t affect people as much as other canceled services.

Indian Railways say track maintenance works at West Hill were behind the move, but the failure to deliver services at least as far as Shornur remains questionable.

“The railways are ignoring the Malabar region which has only limited services. It’s cruelty to passengers. This will lead to an increase in the number of passengers in the rail services that are carried out,” said CE Chakkunni, Chairman of the Confederation State of India Rail Users Association.

MK Gopinath, Public Relations Manager at Southern Railway, Palakkad Division, said that – “Train services have been interrupted due to technical difficulties. The process of splitting tracks needs to be completed. carrying out detailed studies Decisions are made in such a way as to reduce the inconvenience caused to passengers.

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