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Now local train live on official railway app

Central Railway has completed GPS tagging of its trains on all of its lines

The service is only available on the Central Railway for now. File Picture

You can finally officially track your train from today (July 13). Local trains on the Central Railway will be in direct mode with real-time tracking via its official Yatri app, as the railways have completed GPS tagging of all their trains on all lines.

Midday had pointed out in a September 2021 report that a global city like Mumbai lacks a simple live tracking app on its public transport vehicles. Today all BEST buses can be tracked live and local CR trains can be joined on Wednesday.

Central Railway created its official Yatri app with the help of a private company. “The Yatri app is continuously being improved to provide impromptu services to local train commuters in Mumbai. The app under the Non Fare Revenue scheme is being developed in a phased manner. The first phase of the app provides details of the conveniences of passengers in stations, train schedules, etc. Real-time train status has now been developed in the next phase, which will go live tomorrow, which will help commuters to get the desired train location.

Currently, commuters use the private m-indicator app to track local trains. This app, however, updates the train database and movement from commuters’ mobile phones based on their movement. m-indicator also has an authenticated timetable and details of local trains, which are very popular.