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Newton Schools Hold Public Hearing for $400,000 Track Resurfacing and Dashboard Replacement – ​​Newton Daily News

Newton School Board members have set a public hearing date to use SAVE funds for an athletic facility infrastructure project, which would replace the scoreboard and resurface the track at HA Lynn Stadium for an estimated $100,000. $400,000.

The public hearing will take place at 6:30 p.m. at the April 11 board meeting. At that time, citizens can offer feedback on the project and its use of Secure an Advanced Vision for Education dollars to pay for it. The school board had already held two public hearings on March 21 to discuss the plans separately.

Tim Bloom, director of business services for Newton Schools, said the council must hold another one public hearing specifically to use SAVE funds for the project, which is typically used for school infrastructure needs – including construction, renovations, or repairs – or school district property tax relief .

The school district’s contract law firm, Ahlers & Cooney, PC, upheld Bloom’s reasoning for a second public hearing. Prior to any expenditure of SAVE revenue for the construction of an athletic facility infrastructure project that is not physically attached to a school building, the district must hold a public hearing.

The school district has received bids for the project, but Bloom said the board will likely have to wait until May to vote on whether to award the bid.

Rachelle Tipton, Newton’s women’s cross country head coach and co-head women’s track coach, said it’s always a good idea to make sure facilities are maintained for safety reasons. But with the resurfacing also means that the track will be repainted and the exchange areas will be updated for the relays, which will allow for better encounters.

“We always get – especially since the very first time they updated in 2007 or 2008 – compliments on how fast the track was, how well the facilities were for the athletes to run their races,” Tipton said. “The whole track team, the distance sprinters, use it. The throwers will also come and participate in some of these practices.

From March through May, Tipton said the track at HA Lynn Stadium is constantly used by track and field and cross country teams for practices, meets and conferences.

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