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Never lose track of your purchased goods again

Over the years, the e-commerce industry has seen phenomenal growth, largely due to the increase in the use of smartphones with high internet speeds and the call for a more digitized economy. Like many other industries, e-commerce is expected to continue on this growth trajectory and double its market capitalization by $10 trillion over the next decade.

As the e-commerce sector grows and reaches new milestones every year, one persistent challenge that could stunt the growth of the industry if not fully addressed is the issue of package and package tracking. To increase the level of trust in the industry, e-commerce companies need to develop and improve the methods by which online retailers can keep tabs on their online purchases using package tracking. One company that is already putting a lot of effort into solving package tracking is 4px tracking.

Who is 4PX and what do they represent?

4px express limited is a Chinese logistics company that aims to provide shipping, tracking, delivery and inventory management solutions to improve customer experience in the e-commerce industry. Founded in 2004, the company has worked its way to becoming one of the world’s leading shipping companies. The company is estimated to employ over 2,000 people at 50 locations around the world.

Beyond logistics, 4px is into freight forwarding, software development, import and export, and shipping consulting services. The platform is a close partner of Singapore Post, which is arguably the largest postal service on the Asian continent.

How internationally bound goods are handled

When it comes to handling packages going international, it can be a little tricky when using 4px. As a major player in the e-commerce market, 4px has developed partnerships with couriers around the world, such as FedEx, DHL, UPS and many more. This means that once your package arrives in another country, 4px may not be fully responsible for delivering those goods to your doorstep, making it difficult to track packages.

When the goods are assigned to a new courier, new tracking numbers are usually assigned to the goods. The ability to keep track of the location and status of goods becomes difficult. To resolve this issue, 4px keeps its customers informed when their packages have been handled by a new courier and provides them with the new package tracking number.

How they track your goods

Tracking your goods on 4px is quite simple. 4px tracking has one of the best package tracking software on the market. Its tracking system is fast and offers real-time updates on goods. The system also allows customers with multiple goods in transit to track them simultaneously. To track parcels on 4px, visit the company’s site, register your goods tracking number and all essential details will be displayed. You can also choose to subscribe to receive periodic updates by email or SMS on each stage the goods pass.

What is the shipping time?

Various factors affect 4px shipping and delivery times. Among these factors, notable mentions are the size, weight and destination of the package. Considering all these factors, here is the standard time range for shipping across different countries and continents.

  • 5-15 days: Great Britain, Thailand, Philippines, New Zealand, Singapore and India
  • 13-26 days: America, Germany, Spain, France, Morocco, South Korea, Poland, Greece, Austria and other parts of the European Union
  • 25-39 days: India, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Israel, Argentina and Brazil
  • 40 days or more: Siberia, Chile, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, Egypt and Peru

Besides, the medium (sea, land or air) by which the goods are shipped also plays a major role in the shipping schedule.

What are prohibited items?

Per 4px rules and guidelines, all items prohibited by IATA are also prohibited by the company for shipping. Some other items on the company’s prohibition list include chemicals, firearms, cash, alcohol, poisonous substances, and tobacco (cigarettes).

How to contact the customer service center

Maybe you have a problem with your goods or have trouble keeping an eye on your goods through the 4px tracking system, just visit the contact section on their website. Other methods of contacting the company’s customer service include sending an email or a phone call, which will also be on the company’s website. On the website, you will be asked to provide information such as your name, email address, phone number and package tracking number. This will help the company assess the situation and provide you with credible feedback in a timely manner.


Importantly, 4px package tracking also provides insurance should your goods be damaged or lost in transit. To be assured and guaranteed of the safety of your goods, it will be advisable and safe to use a world-renowned company such as 4PX tracking.