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Netflix Series ‘Partner Track’ Review – From Rainbows to Mud

Ingrid’s character is that of a hardworking woman. She is extremely dedicated to her professional life that at times it hasn’t been hard to notice that she feels lonely. Ingrid only wanted one thing, to become a partner. She managed huge companies like Sun Corp at Parsons and didn’t hesitate to put extra time into her job. Once, she worked sixty hours non-stop just to save a deal. Ingrid works at Mergers and Acquisition and enjoys talking about philosophy and physics. This is clearly seen at the start of the episodes as they were introduced by either a law of physics or a philosophy.

Six years before, she had met a guy at her friend’s wedding. They both experienced “love at first sight” and decided not to tell each other their names as the boy was traveling to London the next day. Ingrid meets the same guy at her office, Jeff Murphy. He was transferred from London and to his disappointment he couldn’t even remember the night they had spent together. Days passed and Ingrid came to love Nick, but it wasn’t the same thing she shared with Jeff. This ‘mindfucker’, just as Rachel (Ingrid’s friend) describes him used to play games with our innocent working girl.

A corporate law firm, a hard working lawyer, many companies coming for legal battles and romances. These are the few words that can sum up “Partner Track” for the public thinking of watching it. The vocabulary used in the first episodes and the speed of dialogue delivery were too fast.

Based on Helen Wan’s novel, Partner Track has many colors that go together well initially. It was hard to guess how the series would end as there was so much going on. There’s Ingrid’s romance and the big mistake she made.

Mixing office drama with romance is a good idea and with the series adapted from a book, it becomes pretty clear how the office romance theme is gaining momentum these days. In Partner Track, the same could not be seen as the plot was unnecessarily exaggerated and felt that Ingrid’s life could have been shown better. His character had so much potential, and the creators failed to show it on screen.

In my opinion, “Partner Track” had a great start, but it felt boring in between. Throughout the ten 45-minute episodes, a lot happened. The different colors in the series started to blend together, and in the end it was all just a huge mess. The actors clearly showed off their acting skills, but the plot didn’t do their hard work justice. If ‘Partner Track’ had been adopted as a movie instead of a series, it would have been a better watch because things wouldn’t have been so over the top. Additionally, the film would have the potential to keep viewers drawn to the screen, unlike the series.

Final score – [6.5/10]
Reviewed by – Riya Singh
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