Track services

Need to follow that bus now

By Saumyangi Yadav

After Namma Metro launched a real-time tracking service with Google to help commuters follow the next metro train in real time, BMTC plans to set up similar services for bus tracking.

Rajesh S, Chief Traffic Manager of BMTC said, “We are currently working on real-time tracking services for BMTC. It is ongoing and may take up to 3-4 months. It will be a separate app, exclusive to BMTC buses, which would help commuters track buses and identify bus routes.

Currently, there are apps that help commuters track and identify BMTC buses and bus routes. However, these apps are not centralized and usually display suggestive data. Commuters suggest that for convenience, there should be a centralized app to track and identify BMTC buses.

Vinaya K, a resident of JP Nagar, said she had a bad experience with BMTC services as there was no proper tracking system in place. “When I first came to town, I realized that taxis and cars were very expensive here and since metro connectivity is also very limited, I decided to travel by BMTC bus. Like many panels in the buses are in KannadaI have to ask people which bus number goes where.

Vinaya said that although the BMTC bus fare is affordable, she is reluctant to use it because it is inconvenient. “I wish there was an effective way to track and identify these buses. It would save a lot of money if not spending it on cars,” she added.

Some Bengaluraians think there was no real urgent need for metro tracking services, but it is crucial for BMTC buses, they say.

Prashant Kumar, an IT professional, said: “Subway trains are quite frequent, there is a train every 5-10 minutes. What do we do with Namma metro timetable? We can easily take a train arriving at the metro station. What we really need is a real-time tracking service for BMTC buses which are much harder to catch.

Bangalore Metro Corporation (BMRCL) signed a memorandum of understanding with Google in May this year to facilitate the tracking system. The new system would now allow commuters to track the location of metro trains by Google Maps. BMRCL will provide all train movement data to google.

Divya Hosur, General Manager, IT and Social and Environmental Management, BMRCL, said, “BMRCL has linked up with Google and the data is updated weekly. This helps commuters see on maps when the next train is due. We are also working on a separate real-time tracking system which will be available on our website.