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National Tech Day: Cool ways to use tech to track your fitness

Every year on May 11, National Technology Day honors the contributions of India’s scientific community, which includes scientists, researchers and engineers. It is a day dedicated to anyone involved in creating, innovating and disseminating knowledge, information and delivering products or services to people locally. Technology is impacting almost every aspect of life in the 21st century, from efficient and safe transportation to access to food and health care, socialization and productivity. Humans are surrounded by technology. And it’s no surprise that people’s fitness routines are increasingly integrating technology. The most popular fitness technology today includes everything from apps and wearable technology to digital fitness platforms and equipment.

So, in praise of National Tech Day, here are four unconventional ways to use technology to track your fitness.

1. Virtual Classes and Live Classes

Heavy traffic, work commitments, and tight deadlines are just a few of the common reasons some of us get stuck and struggle to stick to a regular fitness routine. Virtual classes allow you to connect with others as well as your inner self. These allow you to sweat at your own pace and convenience. It allows fitness enthusiasts to exercise at any time of the day that suits them.


2. Smart fitness devices

Smart fitness equipment uses state-of-the-art technology to provide users with real-time workout analysis. It uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Smart products can adapt to the preferences or personalized needs of a specific user, depending on the device. This technology saves time, battery life, memory, storage and power by activating only when motion is detected.

3. Wearable exercise technology

Wearable technology has a wide range of features which translates into increased productivity, which is what this generation needs all the time. It allows us to track our fitness level, track our location using GPS, and view text messages faster. The best part is that most of the devices that allow us to do this are hands-free and portable, eliminating the need to take our devices out of our pockets.

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4. Download the fitness app

The goal of fitness apps is to help you lead a healthier lifestyle by easily keeping track of your progress in the form of food intake, water intake and routine tracking. training. Some apps even monitor your heart rate and blood pressure, which is useful for people with high blood pressure. Some health and fitness apps even include a health coach that helps customers achieve their health goals.

To better serve young people, fitness and workouts need to be made more fun and exciting. And that’s exactly what technology does, providing a healthy and empowering fitness experience.

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