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MTA Expands Signaling Modernization – Railroad and Structures

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Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

MTA’s Queens Boulevard line will benefit from further signal modernization.


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has announced that the MTA Board of Directors has approved the first of three awarded contracts that will extend signal upgrades along the Queens Boulevard line east of Kew Gardens-Union Station Turnpike with Communication Based Train Control (CBTC).

Upgrading the signaling system to CBTC will allow trains to run safely at higher speeds and closer distances, providing more efficient and reliable service on lines E and F.

The Queens Boulevard Line East project will modernize four interlocking jacks at Jamaica-179 Street, 169th Street, Parsons Blvd. and Briarwood. The engagement at Union Turnpike, which currently only has CBTC functionality to the west, will be fully equipped with CBTC functionality.

“Reliable, high-quality public transit plays a huge role in giving people maximum access to jobs, education and opportunities,” said Janno Lieber, Interim President and CEO of MTA. “CBTC signaling systems have made major improvements to service on metro lines that already have them, and we look forward to continuing to implement this technology throughout the system. “

“A modern signaling system is essential to delivering the 21st century transit system our passengers deserve,” said Jamie Torres-Springer, President of MTA Construction & Development. “The signal modernization program is being significantly accelerated throughout the metro system and the addition of a new supplier of quality equipment to diversify our supplier pool will stimulate competition and ensure faster and cheaper delivery. “

“CBTC is essential for improving metro service, as it allows dispatchers to know real-time train positions much more accurately, allowing MTA to schedule more trains and operate them more reliably. Said Craig Cipriano, president of MTA Interim NYC Transit. . “This CBTC extension will improve rail service on this busy corridor and allow us to provide more accurate real-time arrival information to our customers. “

This first contract covers the design, delivery and testing of CBTC equipment and is valued at $ 62.6 million over 55 months. The second prize will be for the installation of the CBTC equipment. The third contract will relate to the installation of the data communication system. CBTC uses radio communications to continuously connect trains and the MTA signaling system, with a service dynamically managed by a computer system in the New York City Transit rail control center.

Trains run with CBTC on lines 1 and 7, which came online in 1996 and 2019, respectively. The MTA is currently installing CBTC on a two-line segment that is expected to come into service next year: the Queens Boulevard line. between Kew Gardens-Union Turnpike and 50 Street in Manhattan, and line F between Church Avenue and West 8 Street-NY Aquarium. . The MTA is also installing the CBTC on the ACE line between 59 Street-Columbus Circle and Jay Street-MetroTech, which is scheduled for completion in 2025. Future line segments that will receive the CBTC are Line G between Hoyt-Schermerhorn and Court Square, the AC between High Street and Euclid Avenue, and the F line between Jay Street-MetroTech and Broadway-Lafayette Street.

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