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Morrison government reforms are on track to drive cheaper car services and repairs

Australian car owners will benefit from the Morrison government’s reforms to reduce maintenance and repair costs on July 1, 2022.

The reforms will establish a mandatory system for car manufacturers to share motor vehicle maintenance and repair information with independent repairers at a fair market price. This will make the maintenance and repair market more competitive and provide more options for car owners to choose their repairer.

The government has appointed the Australian Automotive Service and Repair Authority Limited (AASRA) as the Scheme Adviser for the mandatory scheme. A $250,000 grant to AASRA will help it establish an online portal to provide easier access to motor vehicle maintenance and repair information and make it easier for automakers to comply with their obligations under the program and repairers to access program information.

Deputy Treasurer Michael Sukkar said the Morrison government is committed to ensuring there is a competitive automotive service and repair industry and a level playing field for independent repairers.

“The Morrison Government is joining industry to deliver these world’s first reforms that will reduce costs for ordinary Australians when maintaining or repairing their cars,” said Minister Sukkar.

“We know the cost of living is a big issue in the community. By ensuring a more competitive industry and a level playing field for independent repairers, we are giving Australian car owners more choice, better value and ultimately lowering the cost of owning and driving a car. .

“AASRA is uniquely positioned to work on behalf of vehicle manufacturers and repairers to facilitate the sharing of maintenance and repair information and I look forward to working closely with AASRA as the program begins. mandatory.”

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association CEO Stuart Charity thanked the Morrison government for its work on the vehicle data sharing system.

“These cutting-edge reforms will ensure strong competition and repairer choice for Australia’s 20 million car owners now and in the future,” Mr Charity said.

“We look forward to working collaboratively with our industry colleagues at AASRA to implement mechanisms to ensure that vehicle maintenance and repair information is shared efficiently and securely across the organization. entire industry.”

MTAA CEO Richard Dudley congratulated and thanked Minister Sukkar and his ministerial colleagues for spearheading an unprecedented period of automotive regulatory reform with the centerpiece, the first maintenance information system and motor vehicle repair in the world.

“During a parliamentary term, the Morrison government has increased benefits and protections for consumers and automotive companies through the mandatory vehicle information sharing system, substantial reforms to the franchise code, including the inclusion a specific timetable for new car dealerships, improving access to collective bargaining and strengthening unfair contract terms and conditions,” said Mr Dudley.

AASRA is an industry-based not-for-profit society established by four major automotive industry organisations: the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association; the Australian Automobile Dealers Association; the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries; and the Motor Trades Association of Australia.

As Scheme Adviser, AASRA will play a crucial role in helping to operate the mandatory scheme, including receiving information from automakers on what service and repair information is available to Australian repairers and on what terms.

The AASRA will also have formal functions, particularly in terms of dispute resolution; reporting to the government and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and providing online information on the availability of program information.

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