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Microsoft Viva Goals enters general availability to help users track goals and results

Microsoft has released the stable version of “Viva Lenses”. The platform operates under the Microsoft Viva umbrella and promises to help monitor goals and track key results.

Microsoft Viva Goals is a management solution which supports the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework. At its core, Viva Goals is a tool for tracking progress towards predefined goals. Integrated with Microsoft Viva, the platform also helps organizations track the progress of people and teams.

Viva Goals has a streamlined and unified hub, making it easy for organizations to attach daily tasks that eventually help achieve long-term goals. In a Tech Community Post Announcing its general availability, Microsoft offered some highlights of the platform:

  • Create clarity: With a centralized source of truth for setting goals, tracking progress, and evaluating success in your organization, you create clarity for your team, connect daily work to results, and bring everyone into alignment levels
  • Focus teams on impact, not output: Shift the focus from effort and activity to impact and results, share progress across your organization with customizable dashboards that turn data into insights, and stay agile at scale
  • Incorporate goals into the daily workflow: Keep your goals in mind by bringing data and actions to the spaces your team already uses, like Microsoft Teams, ADO, and popular data and project management tools.

To unlock and access the full feature set of Viva Goals, businesses must purchase either Microsoft Viva Goals SKU or Microsoft Viva SKU. The tool is available as an app in Microsoft Teams and also as a standalone web app.

Customers can purchase and use Viva Goals with the web app without needing any other Microsoft product or subscription. However, a Microsoft Teams product license is required if businesses want to use Viva Goals through the Teams app. Moreover, Viva Goals can also work with several third-party services such as Amazon Redshift, GitHub, MySQL, Salesforce, Trello, Zendesk and many more.