Track shipments


By Paul Gover

THE Mercedes-AMG GT HOTROD is about to become the ultimate track weapon thanks to an all-new model called the Track Series.

Mixing and matching parts from Benz’s GT3 and GT4 racers with the flagship Black Series road car resulted in a V8-powered monster with 550 kilowatts and a top speed of 318 km/h.

Only 55 cars are made, priced over $500,000, but a few Track Series cars are expected to land in Australia for committed fans of the three-pointed star.

Details of the car are confirmed by AMG Customer Racing Head Stefan Wendl during a brief visit to Australia for the Bathurst 12 Hour Race.

It confirms the track-only focus for the Track Series, which becomes a higher priority for owners who want the cars to go for a quick lap without racing.

“When we found out the Black Series was sold out, we thought we’d take the GT4 car and make an edition. Something special. But cheaper,” Wendl told Auto Action.

“Then we discussed internally what we could do with it. And we discussed merging those two ideas.

Wendl’s team told Mercedes-Benz management that they wanted to fit the Black Series engine – a 537-kilowatt 4-liter twin-turbo V8 – into the new car.

“We were very nervous when we went to the Council. We asked for 200,000 euros to get things moving.

It did, with a dyno and tuning session that unleashed 507 kiloWatts and a follow-up track in Germany.

“We took the car to Hockenheim and we had 690 horsepower. This GT4 car was blasting tires in just a few laps. And that was just three seconds off the GT3 lap time,” says Wendl.

“We knew we could find customers. Immediately after, we decided to do something about it.

The something goes with everything from the Black Series rear wing, to racing wheels and tires, to the AMG GT racing cockpit with special wheel, instruments and seat.

“Last weekend we finalized testing for the Track Series.

It has a Black Series engine, a Black Series body – without the active elements – and we took the chassis from the GT4, everything inside with the safety cell and the monocoque.

And from the GT3 we took the wheel sizes to get the maximum footprint.

Wendl cannot confirm a price or delivery dates but, with Triple Eight now acting as agent for AMG Customer Racing in Australia, he expects at least two cars to land under.

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