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Mazare releases a 4-track EP “Wide Awake and Dreaming”

Prolific Italian talent Mazare is back with his highly anticipated second 4-track EP “Wide Awake and Dreaming”. The new original production follows the multifaceted powerhouse’s 5-track EP “Paracosm” from June last year, and serves as a direct follow-up to his remix of Ehallz’s “Into The Light” and Skybreak from the half-March.

The latest from the esteemed creative force features artists like Los Angeles musicians AMIDY and Fiora, singer/songwriter Monika Santucci and Canadian musical bass triumvirate The Arcturians. Now available through Seven Lions’ Ophelia Records, the “Wide Awake and Dreaming” EP is available to listen on all streaming platforms.

The EP begins with ‘Otherside’, which was released as the critically acclaimed debut single. The atmospheric synth-laden track features a gripping, larger-than-life tone that’s sustained with ease from start to finish. Elements of dubstep and drum and bass are fused together to form a melodic blend, perfectly matched to AMIDY’s emotionally charged lyricism and flawless vocal delivery. Now boasting over 76,000 combined streams across all platforms, the hugely successful single gives fans and listeners a thrilling foundational glimpse into what they can expect from the rest of the EP.

“Lifeline” then takes the reins, kicking off with shimmering production elements that serve as the choice accompaniment to Monika Santucci’s melodious vocals. His cane-tinged voice glides through in its entirety, bringing a welcome harmonious touch to the high-octane drum and bass effort. Lyrically filled with optimism and hope, its central message is impeccably conveyed. All in all, “Lifeline” is Mazare’s quintessential listening material.

The EP’s penultimate track, “Wide Awake,” boasts the same melodic flair of its champion predecessor, while upping the ante tenfold. Beginning with a subdued vibe and mellow vocals from Fiora, the single’s fiery energy quickly picks up and introduces a series of hard-hitting bass lines, relentless rhythm and seductive sonic sensibilities.

“Sleepwalker” completes the “Wide Awake and Dreaming” EP, starting with a haunting vocal that rocks the listener with every passing second. Intoxicating and dreamlike, the voice of the Arcturians gives way to a rising tension that builds on itself before being unleashed with all its force. A relentless, uncompromising bass drop ensues, followed by a cacophonous barrage of drums and bass that will leave anyone wanting the famed DJ/producer even more.

Massimo Pezzetta, known as Mazare, is an Italian DJ/producer who has released his own take on electronic dance music since his collaboration with Vorwerk, “You’re The One”, released on Spinnin’ Records in 2017. Since , his music has caught the attention of renowned labels such as Monstercat, Spinnin’ Records, Seeking Blue, Ophelia and Gud Vibrations, to name a few. Her 2021 5-track EP “Paracosm” served as a turning point in her career, continuing to garner critical acclaim in the short time since its release.

Recently, he also launched his own radio show “The Paracosm” via Insomniac Radio, which emphasizes melodic drums and bass, in addition to heavier dubstep and rock influences. It also boasts over 191,000 monthly listeners via Spotify and commands over 4,000 subscribers via SoundCloud, a very impressive feat that is sure to be effortlessly topped by the revered powerhouse in the future.

Listen to the new single here: