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Man uses Apple Watch to track his car and gets arrested

A Tennessee man has been arrested for using an Apple Watch to track his girlfriend. The device was attached to his girlfriend’s car and the man used a tracking app to monitor its location.

29-year-old man arrested for stalking his girlfriend

According to the story of AppleInsider, the man is from Nashville, Tennessee and his name is Lawrence Welch. He is 29 years old.

Welch was recently arrested and, according to the affidavit, he was charged with “attaching an electrical tracking device to a vehicle.” Welch reportedly strapped an Apple Watch to his girlfriend’s vehicle to track him.

Police were called to the Family Safety Center after her boyfriend showed up

According to the report, the police arrived while a protection order was still being obtained. Police reached the Family Safety Center in response to a call from security about the boyfriend showing up at the victim’s location during the acquisition.

The victim said she received multiple threats from her boyfriend that he would kill her. According to the article by WSMV4she eventually decided to attend the center.

A couple used Life360 to monitor each other

According to the victim’s statement to police, the Life360 watch was used by her and her boyfriend in order to monitor each other’s location. However, she decided to disable the app before she started visiting the Family Safety Center.

On these particular occasions, she would receive a series of texts demanding that she reveal her own location. This was coupled with text messages asking him to call Welch back.

Welch confirmed he owns the Apple Watch

Police say Welch eventually drove to the Family Service Center and, instead of going straight into the building, approached the victim’s car and crouched down next to his steering wheel. Once there, the police went to the vehicle and investigated.

Officers reportedly found an Apple Watch directly attached to the spokes. Welch has confirmed that he owns this particular Apple Watch.

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Welch got a job to follow his girlfriend

In order to circumvent the deactivation of the girlfriend’s Life360 app, Welch decided to activate the app on an Apple Watch and use the device to track her.

This particular event follows the domestic assault charges Welch faced in July. For the previous offences, he had already been arrested in December.

According to AppleInsider, this particular case is quite new since most of the time, stories regarding unwanted tracking usually revolve around the use of AirTags. Although victims have anti-stalking features that aim to prevent them from being tracked, there have still been many reports of successful tracking through the use of AirTags.

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