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Longmeadow teenager honored by teammates at Thursday night’s athletics meet

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) – The community continues to mourn the loss of a Longmeadow teenager who died in a car crash over the weekend.

On Thursday, the Longmeadow Track team took part in their first meeting since the death of teammate Katarina Boskovic.

The team raced alongside their opponents, Minnechaug High School, in a round to remember their friend and teammate.

Members of the track community told Western Mass News that Kat was a very special person who had a positive effect on everyone she met. And his coach said he was grateful for all the support he and his team received from the community.

Members of the Longmeadow and Minnechaug track crews came together when they met on Thursday for the moving tribute to one of their own who died tragically over the weekend.

“There’s no one like her and probably no one will ever be like her,” said Tanner Williams, head coach of Longmeadow Track and Field.

The Hampden District Attorney said on Saturday, 18-year-old Katarina Boskovic, better known to relatives as “Kat”, was pronounced dead after an early morning car crash on Green Willow Drive in Longmeadow. Longmeadow Track and Field head coach Tanner Williams told us Kat was an amazing person.

“When people talk about captains in sport, there’s no other image clearer than her. Leader by example, leader by talking, fun, always good with a joke, doing silly stuff, keep your spirits up and work hard,” Williams said.

Williams said she had an impact on everyone she met.

“She was just a magnet to people… Other schools, girls who met her half a dozen times at meetups who all showed support, coaches who saw her at meetups who all said how much of an effect she had on others,” Williams said.

Williams confirmed to us that another of their teammates, Shea Hamel, was also a passenger in the car and suffered serious injuries.

“Not having her hurt, but that’s a positive is that she’s fine,” Williams said.

And he said he admired the resilience his team showed.

“I can’t say how good I was with the girls who took the reins, doing all the little things like helping with the warm-up or running in front like Kat would or cracking a joke or doing something stupid just to keep everyone happy and with a smile on their face,” Williams said.

Minnechaug Athletic Director Mike Roy told Western Mass News that this tragedy touched their athletes and coaches and they wanted to do something special to honor Kat’s memory.

“I left it up to our coaches to decide something classy to do and something appropriate and they agreed on that and I backed it up,” Roy said.

Roy said while Longmeadow is usually their sporting rival, the sporting community comes together at times like this.

“I was glad they came here, and we were the ones they raced with the first time,” Roy said.

The runners left lane one open for Kat, symbolizing that she is with them in their hearts and on the trail forever.

Longmeadow Police and the Hampden District Attorney are still investigating the crash and they say charges relating to motor vehicle homicide and driving under the influence will be charged appropriately.

A wake will be held on Friday from 4-7pm at Forastiere Smith Funeral Home in East Longmeadow, and the funeral will be held on Saturday from 9.30am at Saint Mary’s Church in Longmeadow.