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Lauren Mia Releases 2-Track “Eternal Existence” EP “One” & “Converge” With Singer Fractures

Los Angeles-based classical pianist and composer turned songwriter, singer, music producer and DJ Lauren Mia offers yet another prolific melodic techno version. Coupling both an instrumental version and Mia’s latest vocal version, the “Eternal Existence” EP is available now via Luna Semara’s store record legal notice Early morning.

A two-track EP, “Eternal Existence” features the prolific “Converge” production with dynamic and ethereal vocal input from a talented Australian-based vocalist. broken bones. Sharing on the collaboration, Mia shares, “Meeting Fractures to collaborate on this release was an absolute gift. He is a brilliant singer and songwriter. He contributed such a powerful thing to this EP and working with him was the smoothest and most enjoyable experience I have ever had with collaborators and vocalists. His intent, patience, hard work, magnificent talent, and unique vocal chords shine through this work, and I’m so honored to have him on this project with me. “

“Converge” is Mia’s new vocal track that further diversifies her booming sound signature by effortlessly weaving haunting Fractures vocals over a dark base of melodic techno. With bubbly, popping beats and a smooth voice like crushed silk, “Converge” is a fluid blend of late ’90s club vibes and fresh immediacy. The softly melancholic lyrics of Fractures are like a warm current rising through deep cyan water, while reflections of atonal cymbal and synth sprinkle the whole affair with a beautiful shine. A memorable summers dreamy feel, beautifully cut with Mia’s nuance and intuition.

Also on the EP, “One” is a sultry instrumental delivery that’s both catchy and atmospheric. Bubbling from an intense bassline, the track’s progression sweeps listeners along like a nighttime river, reflecting bursts and bursts of the cosmos. A sheen of space synths cast pearlescent pastel shades behind the moody movement beneath your feet. In this piece, Mia’s thoughtful handling of positive and negative space shapes a rich journey through varied shapes and shades, breaths and intensities. Founded under the concept of “unity”, it has designed an instrument that delves into the depths of personal growth and existential philosophy. Truth and connection are some of the tenants of Lauren’s musical inspirations that drive her artistic direction, “We all come here with a mission, a purpose, but at the end of it all, that purpose, most of the time, serves to something greater to our understanding,” she shares. Hoping to create music that unifies the soul, she turns to her musical productions creating a ripple effect among listeners who deepen her vision of the greatest demanding truths of life.

‘Eternal Existence’ EP is Lauren Mia’s second release via Luna Semara’s Early morning imprint, following his recent single “Ohm” in late March. This is Lauren’s third release of 2022, featuring her “Existence” collaboration with Stil & Bense released via a German label Ritter Butzke At the beginning of the month of March. “This EP was by far the most challenging project I’ve worked on, in terms of being able to properly convey the sonic message that I so deeply intended to convey.” She shares. “After many revisions to this project and a lot of time and intention, I finally had a finished product that I felt the world was ready to hear.”

the EP “Eternal Existence” is a boundary-pushing release for Mia that pushes her sound to a new level. Having cut his teeth in the studio and behind the decks, the spotlight continues to shine and stay on his acquired artistry.

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