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LandAirSea device stolen by Porch Pirate, app used to track

CHICAGO, May 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GPS Tracking Company LandAirSea (LAS) the devices have a multitude of uses for asset protection, including thwarting “porch hacker” attacks, when thieves steal packages from the porches of their rightful owners.

Recently, regular LAS customer “John” ordered a LAS device to be delivered to his home in the Bay Area. The device was delivered on a Friday when John was not at home. When he returned home, he claimed there was no appliance on his porch and contacted UPS to file a claim.

While on the phone with UPS, he noticed on his LAS app that the device had been plugged into a vehicle, and he was able to locate the thief, who was parked at a nearby laundromat. Since John was already a LAS customer and had an additional device shipped to him, he asked the technical support team in Woodstock, Illinois to add the device to his account before to ship it. This clever thought coupled with LAS GPS tracking technology allowed John to retrieve his device and catch the criminal red-handed.

He called the San Jose Police Department as he walked to the location of the vehicle, as listed on his LAS app. Then he watched the vehicle drive away on the app.

John followed the vehicle to a nearby AutoZone and took a photo of its license plate. He then returned to the laundromat to meet with the SJPD. John and the police tracked the hacker from the porch to a local target, tracking their every move with the LAS app. After being confronted by police, the thief consented to a search of the vehicle and was arrested.

Police went through the location history of the LAS device and discovered that the thief had driven through neighborhoods, stealing items from other porches. They also saw him go to a storage unit seven to eight times.

“We are delighted that our device was able to fulfill its purpose – protecting valuable consumer assets,” said CEO Steve Cooper. “Additionally, the LAS app played a pivotal role in tracking down the thief and detecting other crimes he committed through our GPS tracking capabilities.”

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About LandAirSea

LandAirSea GPS trackers are manufactured for fleet management and professional vehicle and asset tracking, allowing users to monitor driving behaviors and the location of their personal assets, giving them the peace of mind of knowing that if their property or vehicles are stolen, they will have up-to-date tracking information to provide to law enforcement.

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