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Lakers’ offseason shows Atlanta Hawks are on the right track

The Los Angeles Lakers sold the farm when they traded with the New Orleans Pelicans to secure the services of Anthony Davis. They then went on loan to get Russell Westbrook and NBA karma is fighting back. They are struggling to get a deal to improve their roster and it just shows that the Atlanta Hawks are going in the right direction to build a successful franchise.

The Lakers traded seven players, three future first-round draft picks and one future second-round pick to secure Davis. Then, two years later, they traded four players to get Westbrook, and they got three second-round picks as small consolation.

It’s a totally winning mode now and it was good when Davis helped lead them to the bubble championship in 2020. However, thanks to the loss of so many players, the Lakers have no consistency in the roster and as a result, through that and injuries, they finished seventh. in the West the following year. Then they finished 11th in the West last season, which means they missed the playoffs.

Why does this mean the Atlanta Hawks are doing things the right way?

While it’s safe to say that the Lakers’ strategy led them to a championship, that means they’re in a terrible position now. They’re stuck with three highly paid players, two of them are now injury prone and the other, Westbrook, doesn’t fit in with james lebron and his way of playing.

They try to move, first trying to offload Westbrook and his $47 million contract. This is going to be very difficult to accomplish in the current NBA landscape. They also tried to exchange for Boyfriend Hield which will give them the ground spacing they so desperately need. Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough to offer to close the deal.

By contract, the Hawks, who had a season cut short by so many injuries, and Covid were able to pull off the summer move. It cost them a number of draft picks and a player coming out of contract and in return they received an All-Star in the form of Delete Murray which is going to have a long term impact on this team.

They were also able to move one of their young pieces, Kevin Huerter, to fix a zone of concern, their defense perimeter. As a result, the Hawks are going to be fighting for a championship for many years to come while the Lakers are going to struggle to qualify for the playoffs even with James and Davis in the roster.

What’s even better for the Atlanta Hawks is that they still have some good moving parts that they can use throughout the season if they have a need. There is never a guaranteed championship, however, the Hawks are well positioned for the next few years to create a dynasty. The Lakers look like they’ll be relegated to the bottom of the West for a while.