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Judge lowers bail for ex-athletic coach accused of sexually abusing students

Kameron M. Beets (Linn County Jail)

CEDAR RAPIDS — A judge on Thursday lowered bail from $65,000 to $32,000 for a former assistant track coach at Linn-Mar High School who is accused of kidnapping and sexually abusing a 17-year-old student and assaulting a 15-year-old student last year during a “training program”.

Kameron Martelle Beets, 30, of Cedar Rapids, is charged with second-degree kidnapping, third-degree sexual abuse and sexual exploitation by a school employee, all felonies, in the case involving a 17 year old student.

In the case involving a 15-year-old, Beets is charged with assault with intent to commit sexual abuse, an aggravated misdemeanor and lascivious conduct with a minor, a serious misdemeanor.

Sara Smith, Beets’ attorney, argued in a hearing that the current $50,000 and $15,000 cash-only bails are higher than recommended by bail schedules. She said Beets was not at risk of fleeing because he is a lifelong resident of Cedar Rapids and has an extensive support system, including his mother and sister who were in the courtroom for the review hearing. bail Thursday.

Smith also submitted seven character letters to the judge.

Beets has always worked to help young people, Smith said. He started a “repairer” student program at Linn-Mar that allowed suspended students to come into his classroom, instead of on the street. He also held previous jobs as a youth counselor in Four Oaks and other jobs with troubled teenagers.

Smith said Beets has never had any complaints or issues with youngsters in the past.

She asked 6th Judicial District Judge Jason Besler to reduce Beets’ bail to $20,000 in cash or surety and allow him to pay a percentage to the court clerk.

Linn County Assistant District Attorney Jordan Schier said the prosecution was concerned about the seriousness of the charges, which involved multiple victims. He asked the court not to allow the payment of the percentage of the deposit. He asked for $37,000 in the kidnapping case and $3,000 for two misdemeanors.

Besler lowered bail in the kidnapping case to $30,000 cash or bail and $2,000 in the other case. Beets for each are only allowed to pay 10% of them to the court clerk for release.

If bail is paid, Beets will be released to the supervision of the Department of Corrections and will be placed under GPS surveillance if probation officers deem it necessary, per Besler’s order.

Besler also ordered no-contact orders for the two teens and told Beets he couldn’t have contact with any minors — outside of his family — and couldn’t go on school grounds.

Senior Linn-Mar officials said in the statement last year after Beets’ arrest that they were aware of the allegations, but said Beets resigned as a student supervisor on April 14 and that his contract as an assistant varsity boys’ track coach had ended on May 22. volunteer as an unpaid coach.

School officials also said they do not believe the school administration has received any complaints suggesting “misconduct in a school context”.

According to a complaint, the 17-year-old told police that Beets, who was his trainer, asked the teenager to send him nude photos or videos. Beets met on Sept. 27, 2021, with the teenager at an office at Linn-Mar High “to perform a ‘physical analysis’ for Beets’ personal training program.

During that meeting, Beets told the teenager to strip naked and he sexually assaulted him and locked him in a bathroom for more than 45 minutes while the teenager was naked, according to the complaint. Beets took the teenager’s clothes and wouldn’t return them.

In the other case, a 15-year-old told police that Beets, his trainer, asked him to send nude photos or videos and to meet him in person “for the purpose of evaluating him and coach him,” according to a criminal complaint. Police collected digital forensic evidence in the case against Beets, the complaint says.

The teenager told police that Beets met him on September 25 last year at Linn-Mar High School to perform a “physical analysis” for a “training program”, during which Beets told the teenager to undress before caressing her buttocks and the inside of her thigh. .

Authorities said after his arrest that they had seized “thousands of computer images depicting high school athletes” and were analyzing them for any other possible victims.

Beets also had access to student athletes through his work and sports photography business and personal training program called BEAST Academy, which captured photos and videos of sporting events across Iowa.

Beets’ LinkedIn profile says he founded BEAST Academy in May 2020. The company’s social media accounts show dozens of photos and videos taken at preseason football games, baseball games, soccer games, and more. wrestling and other events, primarily in eastern Iowa.

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