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Is this the new track for the PlayStation?

sony acquired Haven Studios, the software publisher founded last year by Jade Raymond, after the shutdown of the Stadia publishing project. After the acquisition of Bungie, it is a clear sign of the direction that the Japanese multinational wants to take in the years to come as a publisher of video games: towards live service. Of course, this is not the only path taken, but it is certainly the path in which he has invested the most, at least in the last period. However, the prevailing feeling is that the new strategy is still too young, as it is actually very contrasting with the marketing of recent years.

Haven Studios is an odd acquisition. Time and again, Sony prides itself on acquiring only the studios it has helped develop and with which it has longstanding collaborative relationships. See for example Bluepoint Games or Housemarque, to name a few. However, the two recent acquisitions are at odds with this philosophy, which the company’s executives have repeated many times unlike other companies. If we want it to be like saying: you see, we don’t randomly acquire software companies, but only those who guarantee us a certain level of quality and with whom we have worked so well over the years. Moreover, to prove it, not only acquisitions, but also crashes, such as those with supermassive effect, not yet reaching an address before dawn, or those with Ready at Dawn due to not quite excellent results of the order: 1886 , both in terms of reviews and audience.

But now Sony has acquired Bungie, a company born in the Apple environment and nurtured under the auspices of Microsoft, to the point where it created its most famous intellectual property (Halo), claiming it wanted to bypass consoles, and now comes the acquisition of Haven Studios which has put nothing into The market is after, and so it has everything to prove. We don’t see anything wrong with wanting to try the Live Services track, which after all has been the golden goose for the past few years (when they hit the spot). One imagines that there was a lot of pressure on Sony executives from shareholders and groups with economic power over the company. Besides, we don’t think that Sony will give up on big solo productions, especially those from its already established studios, as shown by the latest releases (Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart or futuristic God of War: Ragnarok, to name a few). mention only three names). ).

Except that this is clearly no longer the only direction that the company seems to be pushing more and more in the opposite direction, seeking all possible means to catch up with the competition, or even an acquisition. From a newly created development team that is currently unable to generate any real abilities, as none of their work has been shown. Of course, Sony will know what they’re up to in the secret halls of Haven, but given that their first project was in development just over a year ago and therefore not in an early stage of work , also considering that the development Triple A cycles are now at 4-5 years, it seems more like a gamble than anything. Hopefully it’s a winning bet.