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Is Pass Track required for Pakistan in 2022

Pass Track required for Pakistan in 2022?

Is Pass Track mandatory for Pakistan in 2022? You will be happy to hear that the ban on the Pass Track requirement for inbound flight passengers has been lifted. The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCCA) has taken this decision and health data on all incoming passengers from overseas is no longer required. According to recent news and notifications from the Civil Aviation Authority, passengers are now allowed to travel without entering their health data in the PassTrack app.

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The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCCA) has strictly advised all resources to stop using the PassTrack application and implement the new decision as soon as possible. Previously, the Pass Track was introduced on May 5, 2021, as a health security measure to deal with the Corona epidemic situation. It was used to maintain a passenger health record on all inbound flights from overseas. It was mandatory to add all health information in the Pass Track app before you could travel abroad. Since then, the Pass Track required for Pakistan in 2022 is no longer necessary.

The recent report from the Civil Aviation Authority shows that the Corona situation is now under control and the use of the Pass Track app has been discontinued as it is no longer needed. However, in accordance with the instructions of the relevant health authorities, the health data capture system of the Pass Track application may be reinforced at any time on passengers if circumstances change.

Only passengers coming to Pakistan over the age of 12 were given instructions for check-in on Pass Track app while disabled people were relieved and exempted from Pass Track. Civil Aviation also advised to exempt diplomats from PassTrack and passengers who could not use smartphones were checked in by agents before boarding their flight. Source: News in Urdu