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Intamin Roller Coaster Track is coming to Epic Universe, Mack Track en route – Orlando ParkStop

Just a week after seeing the first roller coaster supports installed at Universal’s Epic Universe, which were for the Donkey Kong mine cart roller coaster, many large pieces of steel roller coaster rails were delivered to the site.

We think this new track will be a family-launched roller coaster at the park’s How to Train Your Dragon terrain. Let’s dive into photos of the new track, details of the attraction we think it’s for, and more in today’s update.

Also, check out the video below for a complete overview of everything that happens on the construction site!

More track supports have been installed for the Donkey Kong mine cart roller coaster at Super Nintendo World since our last update.

Building a roller coaster with Donkey Kong mining cart, Photo: Bioreconstruction

The new supports are colored yellow, as they will be placed around the facade of the temple, which is shaped like yellow bananas in concept art.

Close-up view of the new track mounts installed for Donkey Kong, Photo: Bioreconstruction

Additional supports and a side track were also installed, Photo: Bioreconstruction

The Donkey Kong attraction isn’t the only track to appear this month, as a new track for a larger attraction has also been spotted.

New roller coaster track, first spotted by The Coaster Crew near Epic Universe, Photo: The roller coaster crew

A new roller coaster track is staged near Epic Universe, Photo: The roller coaster crew

First found by The roller coaster crewtrack pieces are located in a staging area across from the Epic Universe theme park site.

Arrow on the roller coaster track in front of the Epic Universe site, Photo: Bioreconstruction

This track may be from Intamin, and if so, that would mean it’s for the How to Train Your Dragon roller coaster.

Staged roller coaster track for Universal’s Epic Universe, Photo: Bioreconstruction

This roller coaster is expected to be built around the north side of the earth, which is based on the Isle of Berk from the popular DreamWorks movie series.

Rail Coaster possibly made by Intamin, Photo: Bioreconstruction

It will be a steel-launched roller coaster, with a level of thrill that should be similar to Hargid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, but a bit more family friendly.

Overlay of How to Train Your Dragon at Epic Universe, Graphic by: Tommy Hawkin

Shipment reports have been filed for delivery of these track parts on April 30, with the components being transported from Germany to Miami.

Recent Roller Coaster Track Expeditions from Intamin Amusement Rides, Image:

The publicly listed bill of lading described the delivery as a “new ride for Project 903”, which is a “family launch coaster”, confirming rumors about the type of coaster.

Overlay of How to Train Your Dragon Land, with arrangement of coasters in pink, graphic: Tommy Hawkin

Site plans also show an interactive outdoor boat ride, two open-air rides, a large indoor theatre, which presumably will have 985 seats, an outdoor quick-service location, an indoor restaurant at full service and various other stores.

Sitemap for P903 filed with Orange County, with labels and colors added

Work has mainly focused on shaping the land and burying the drainage pipes for this area, but trenches for the coaster, which will run above and below the guest areas, are being worked on. construction. The first coasters are also starting to be built along the route of the track.

Trench with coaster pads being built in the How to Train Your Dragon area, Photo: Bioreconstruction

Work is just beginning on the Duel Race roller coaster that departs from the central hub of the park. This attraction should be manufactured by Mack Rides.

Preview of the duel coaster seen in the center of the photo, at number 4, Photo: Bioreconstruction

In fact, new shipping reports this month indicate that “amusement ride” components are on their way from Mack Rides to Universal Orlando Resort.

Mack Rides’ Recent Roller Coaster Track Expeditions, Image:

The delivery comes from Germany, where Mack is headquartered, via Belgium, and will arrive at a port in Georgia before being transported to Orlando.

Mack Coaster Shipping Bill of Lading, Image:

It’s possible this delivery is the Duel Hub’s massive roller coaster, but it could also be for the Family Boat Ride for the How to Train Your Dragon area, since it’s also made by Mack. Or, it could be a rumored family roller coaster that we think could be built on the land of universal monsters. These three attractions should be done by Mack.

The hub roller coaster will be Epic Universe’s biggest and most thrilling attraction. See the video below to get an idea of ​​what the coaster might look like.

With an entrance facing the center of the park, this attraction is not part of any of the four earths, but rather is thought to be themed around outer space in some way for accompany the general theme of the park.

Work in progress related to the hub’s dueling roller coaster, Photo: Bioreconstruction

Stay tuned for more Epic Universe news and updates, and be sure to check it out today’s video for a full rundown of everything happening around the Epic Universe construction site!

Wide angle photography of Epic Universe by Bioreconstructionwith graphic overlay by Tommy Hawkin

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