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How well does Amazon track its employees?

A Nash County woman helped an Amazon delivery driver who had a medical emergency inside his van this week.

Photographer: Keenan WillardJob — Updated

Watch this video. This is cellphone footage of a Nash County native who came to the rescue of an Amazon driver having a medical emergency. You come looking for help. Just stay on your side. Here they come, okay? All right, everything will be fine. How she is so calm. WR Keenan Willard shows us how the woman who called 911 is now using Amazon to track her employees more closely. You come for help. Just stay on your side. An Amazonian driver huddles on the ground in the back of his van while a woman does her best to keep him calm. Bianca. Ash says she found the driver having a medical emergency while parked in front of her house. So it happened on a Monday around 5:45 p.m. I heard my dogs barking. Um And so I looked in my security system and saw that there was the Amazon Prime truck. She thought nothing of it. But when her husband got home two hours later, Ash found the van hadn’t moved. So I looked at my husband, I said, something is wrong, something is wrong. Ash says they rushed outside and knocked on the van door. That’s when they saw the driver lying in the back. So we immediately opened the van door and saw this gentleman lying in a puddle of sweat. It was shaking. Um He was really in great distress. Ash tells WRL. They called 911 immediately. She says the driver was also receiving several phone calls to the van via Bluetooth. She was able to respond to someone from Amazon who said the company tried to reach the man. I noticed that they needed me to tell them the address. I don’t know why they couldn’t find out where he was. In a few minutes. First responders have arrived there, say the man has been taken to hospital and EMS workers expect him to recover from his actions. He said if we hadn’t called when we called, he probably wouldn’t have survived. Ash says after this incident, she thinks Amazon needs to do more to protect drivers in an emergency. If you haven’t seen the move in maybe 2030 minutes, there must be someone checking in to make sure everything is okay, especially since they’re here alone. Kenyan Willard News WRL has contacted Amazon since yesterday about the situation and for a response to Ash’s concerns we will update you on this story as soon as we have a response