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How to Track Your Pageviews and Earnings on GhanaWeb Reporter

General news for Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Ismail Akwei, Editor of AfricaWeb and a user of GhanaWeb Reporter

Launch of Ghana Web Reporter

Bloggers earn over GH¢4,000 since launch of GhanaWeb Reporter

Content creators cash in with GhanaWeb Reporter

Bloggers and content creators who have started earning money using the GhanaWeb Reporter app have shared how users of the platform can monitor page views and track their earnings.

Launched in January 2022 to democratize journalism and empower content creators, the GhanaWeb Reporter app is the first of its kind in Ghana and users have already started cashing in.

Michael Djan, a French teacher in Accra, and Michael Agyapong, a journalist, are the two highest paid with GH₵1,751.34 and GH₵623.63 respectively.

Both users are on the Professional Reporter account which is subscription-based and offers them monetized niche blogging and a content performance dashboard to track ad revenue earned from their blogs.

However, while many wonder how a user can track their views and income, Djan and Agyapong in a GhanaWeb TV interview with Ismail Akwei provided a detailed explanation of how it can be done.

Watch the video explanation on how to track your pageviews and earnings on GhanaWeb Reporter in the post below: