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How to track my BMW (2022) order

Following the production of your new BMW can be an exciting – and sometimes frustrating – experience. While BMW Customer Advisors are generally good judges, tracking your BMW order yourself is easy and not terribly less accurate. Plus, it’s usually more convenient for all parties involved to just keep an eye on it yourself. The good news is that tracking your ordered BMW has never been so convenient. If you’re not sure how – or just want some clarification on what some of the steps mean – we’re here to help!

How do I track my BMW order?

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After placing your order, if you do not already have one, you must create a ID. After creating your account, you can log in and go to “My BMW Garage” in the top left corner. Click on “Track my BMW”, then enter the seventeen-digit VIN. You can also use the “add vehicle” button on the initial landing page. If you don’t have a VIN yet, you can also track the production number. If you don’t know your serial number, ask your BMW dealer, they will have it for you!

I placed an order, but I don’t have a production number?

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Congratulations, you have placed an order internally designated as “047-status”. This means that your order has been submitted to BMW, but the dealer has not yet received an allowance to fulfill it. This simply relays to BMW headquarters that the dealership has an order that needs to be fulfilled. You can’t track cars at 047 status, and the dealer doesn’t have a definitive way of knowing the timeline, but they can make very educated guesses.

What is BMW’s allocation process?

The current award process is a bit complicated, but here’s a quick summary. Essentially, dealerships are rewarded based on how quickly they sell vehicles on their lot. The best performing stores receive the highest percentage of total planned production. It’s important to remember that for high-demand cars, like the M3 or M5, total production is still low compared to normal levels. So even high-volume resellers may still only get two or three allocations per month – or less.

How long do I have to modify my ordered BMW?

A car in status 047 can be modified indefinitely. Upon receipt of a production number, there is a limited time to modify the order. Once the car has entered production and is given a VIN number, it cannot be modified by anyone.

How long until my BMW arrives?

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The waiting time depends on the model and where you live!

As of 2022, the X1, X2, 2 Series Gran Coupé, 4 Series (including i4), 5 Series, 8 Series, Z4 and iX are all made in Germany. Although the exact factory differs, the turnaround time is essentially the same – 45-60 days from start of production to delivery to dealership. If you are on the east coast, this is shortened by (usually) about two weeks.

The 2-Series Coupe and 3-Series Coupe (except M3) will ship from central Mexico – typically around 30 days from the start of production is a safe bet on the West Coast. It might take a little longer on the east coast.

Most X3s will come from Spartanburg, but there have recently been additional allocations provided by BMW’s South African factory. These SAVs take month to reach the United States – requiring additional time to leave South Africa. If you’re ordering an X3, make sure your dealer doesn’t place it in a South African build location, unless it’s on your schedule.

The rest of the X3s, as well as all other SAVs – except the X1 and X2 – are manufactured right here in the USA, in Spartanburg, South Carolina. East Coast dealerships see the cars in two weeks or less from the start of production, while West Coast dealerships typically wait around a month.

I waited months! Where is my car?

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All these estimates are just that: an estimate. Unfortunately, in the real world, a number of things can impact delivery time. The most common today are supply chain disruptions and parts shortages. This forced the vehicles to remain “in production” for as long as four months. Sales stops – safety reminders that require the vehicle not to be driven or delivered – can also delay delivery indefinitely. The car must be repaired before leaving the port, and certainly before reaching the customer. Congested shipping lanes and natural disasters can also extend the car’s transit time, thereby delaying delivery. This can be the frustrating side of tracking every move of your commanded BMW!

Other Resources/Information

If your new BMW is from Germany, Mexico or South Africa, you will be able to track the boat it is on! The preferred site is Just type in the vessel’s name – you can get it from your customer advisor – and you’ll see its position.

The BMW Genius Helpline is also a good resource for finding information. 1-844-4GENIUS (443-6487) and give them a production number or VIN, and they should be able to provide general status updates. You can also contact by email.

The NHTSA website is a reliable source of recall information. If your vehicle is held up at the port for a period of time, it is worth inserting the VIN into the search bar to investigate.

Electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles must leave the dealership with a state of charge greater than 90%. This is a new requirement following the release of the iX and i4. Between PDI (pre-delivery inspection), vehicle details and these load requirements, it is certainly possible that your vehicle will spend a day at the dealership for a day before it is ready for collection.

Performance Center Delivery is available on any vehicle. But we have to arrange prior to the vehicle receiving shipping instructions. Once the vehicle is loaded and on the way, it is very difficult to change destination, or even impossible in some cases! Be sure to speak to your dealer early in the process.

Courtesy delivery is also available on every vehicle. It allows you to take delivery of your new BMW from a different dealer than the one you are buying the car for. This is a good option if the dealership you purchased your car from is out of state. Dealership policies vary, and while there are usually fees, it’s usually cheaper than shipping the car at your expense.

Updated index of production codes

Here is an updated list of internal production codes that BMW uses throughout the process. Current as of July 2022. These can help estimate where exactly your car is in the process when tracking your ordered BMW.

017 Dummy order

027 Order held in order bank

037 Spec.not release-no quota available

047 Spec. released-no quota available

057 Spec.not release-avail. quota

087 Order not validated for production

097 Transmission to the GA, conf. Pending

102 Special request order rec. -AG

105 No production week available

111 Order accepted at GA

112 Scheduled for daily production pack

150 Start of production

151 Bodybuilder entry/serial number assgn.

152 Paint shop entrance

153 Entrance set

154 Assembly

155 Assembly Finishing/Quality Control

160 Delivery of the vehicle to the sales department

165 In transit – from manufacturing plant to port of departure

168 Manufacturer stock

170 Vehicle planned for the workshop

172 Vehicle planned for the workshop

174 Vehicle in workshop

176 Workshop outing

180 Vehicle awaiting shipment release.

181 Discount for distribution

182 Delivery to Carrier/Load Assignment

190 Shipped from AG

191 Returned to GA

193 Arrival at port or precinct

199 Handover to customer in Munich