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How to track heart and respiratory rate on iPhone using Google Fit?

Google Fit for iOS devices can now track users’ heart and respiratory rates, according to a report. Google’s fitness app can now track users’ heart rate and respiratory rate using the iPhone’s camera. Previously, capacity was limited to Google Pixel devices and launched in February 2021. Read on to learn more about the heart rate and respiratory rate tracking feature for iOS users of Google Fit.

According to a report by 9to5Google, iOS devices have recently gained the ability to measure the heart rate and respiratory rate of users. Apple iPhone owners can do this using their device’s camera. While the rear camera is used to track heart rate, the front camera can be used to track breath rates. The Google Fit app both measures vital signs by closely tracking any changes in the user’s body.

How to use Google Fit on an iPhone to track heart rate?

To track heart rate on the Google Fit app on an iPhone, a user will need to keep their finger on the camera’s main sensor while applying light pressure. Additionally, users can also turn on the flash on their iPhone if they are tracking their heart rate in a poorly lit environment. Users can also place their hands and the iPhone near a light source. The Google Fit app tracks the user’s heart rate by observing subtle changes in the color of the fingers. The process of tracking his heart rate through the Google Fit app takes about 30 seconds and it is up to the user to record the vital data on Google Fit.

How to use Google Fit on iOS to track respiratory rate?

Tracking respiratory rate on an iPhone using the Google Fit app involves the use of the selfie camera. The Google Fit app tracks users’ respiratory rate by tracking breaths per second. When a user tracks their respiratory rate, the Google Fit app opens the front camera. It is important to note that the user’s torso should be in the frame and the surroundings should be well lit. The algorithm tracks chest movements to measure the user’s respiratory rate.