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There is no doubt that iPhones bring a lot of headaches to thieves unlike Android phones where Samsung takes a big chunk of it. With phones being expensive lately and containing a lot of private information, having a plan B is very important. Whether it’s a company-issued phone or a flagship bought after months of savings, chances are the data inside the device is actually more valuable than the device itself.

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Many independent developers have created apps designed to help users find lost phones or, at the very least, erase them remotely. Many of these apps required root access to function properly (and to avoid being removed by malicious wipe), so they never became mainstream. While some of these apps still exist in one form or another, major smartphone manufacturers have developed their own tracking apps.

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Samsung leads the Android pack, with its Find My Mobile service offering a few handy options if a device is lost or stolen. But how does Find My Mobile work and how can it be activated? We answer these questions and a few more below.

Understanding Samsung’s Find My Mobile service?

Find My Mobile is a service that can be accessible through a Samsung account on a desktop computer or (other) mobile device. After activation, it allows users to locate, remotely backup and wipe data on their registered Galaxy mobile device. With “Track Location” enabled, the service will post an automatic update of the lost device’s location every 15 minutes.

The service also offers additional features, including a “Ring” feature to locate the device if it’s near the owner, a lock screen feature, and the ability to prevent power off and display a contact message.

How do I activate Find My Mobile?

Enable Find My Mobile on Samsung
Enable Find My Mobile on Samsung

Perform the following steps on your phone to enable Find My Mobile:

  1. To open Settings
  2. Scroll down and tap Biometrics and security
  3. Press the find my mobile option (not the toggle yet)
  4. In this menu, set the toggle “on”
  5. Optional: enable Remote unlock and Send last location

How to locate your Samsung phone using Find My Mobile

Once Find My Mobile is set up on an Android phone, owners need to go to Samsung website and sign in using their Samsung account. From there, they’ll see a list of all the Samsung devices on the left that they’ve enabled Find My Mobile for.

If the device location is found as shown below, users will see an active indicator on the map, along with the device status, battery level, and network connectivity type (mobile or Wireless). They will also be able to access the remote features mentioned above.

How to locate your Samsung phone using Find My Mobile
Locating your Samsung phone on the Find My Mobile app

The Find My Mobile web application will only work if the lost device is turned on and connected to a network. For this reason, Samsung also offers a feature to adjust power settings remotely to extend the life of lost devices and give users more time to locate them.

Additionally, Find My Mobile can also be used to regain access to a device in the event of a lost password or PIN, but to do so users will need to enable remote unlock during the setup process ( as indicated in step 4). You can also track a phone and it happens every 15 minutes as shown below.

Track your Samsung phone using Find My Mobile
Track your Samsung phone using Find My Mobile

Although Samsung’s Find My Mobile is far from perfect, it is a valid tool to help find lost devices, or at least prevent unauthorized access to the data on it.

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