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How to set and track your goals using Notion

A key part of meeting your goals is making sure you measure and follow them. While you don’t need to be too detailed, writing everything down helps, and you don’t need a paid app or fancy software to organize everything.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to set and track your goals in Notion, so that you can keep track of them.

How to define goals in concept with a map database

If you have many goals or want to create outlines for them, you can write them down and manage them in a tables database. To do this, create a goals page in Notion by selecting New page in the lower left corner and name it accordingly.

Screenshot of a blank page in project management software

Then press the slash to bring up the commands and choose Card Database – Inline. You will now have a Kanban style layout with cards that you can move between statuses.

Default statuses work for this, but you can give them any title you want. Be creative and have fun, as this will make the filling of your goal tracking more intrinsic later on.

Screenshot of a project management page menu with item options

Name the cards according to the goals you want to achieve and add a cover image if you want. If you want your cover image to appear on your board, navigate to the ellipsis at the top of the block, select Properties, And put Map view at Page cover.

Screenshot of project management software with menu options to hide or show items

You can now organize your goals according to their status. If you want to hide the No Status option, click the ellipses above and select to hide. Now your board is visually coming together, but you have to develop your goals.


Screenshot of a table with column images

How to define goals in concept maps

In each card, set goals for yourself. Setting clear goals will help you take your goals to the next level because they define the how and they are more specific.

For example, instead of just wanting to learn how to code, you’ll want to set a mark to know when you’ve hit it and what you need to do to get there. Your finish line in this example may be the development of a simple and functional website.

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Also, by adding a timeline to the things you want to accomplish, you can create a sense of urgency, but make sure it’s realistic. Too long you might drag it out, and too short you can add unwanted pressure.

As you set your goals, take notes for yourself on everything related to them, like resources, ideas, thoughts, progress, and anything else that may be of use.

Screenshot of a map open in a project management application with a cover photo and text

You should also keep in mind that working towards your goals adds new habits to your day, which can take time. Avoid overloading yourself by taking too much at once.

How to set goals and objectives in Notion with a simple toggle list

If you’re not feeling that ambitious – or you’re a fan of minimalism – instead of building a Board database, you can write them down in a toggle list. This way, you can see a quick, point-based overview of your goals, while still having the ability to jot down details and notes.

To do this, drag the commands with a slash and select Toggle List. You can write your goals like any other bulleted tool, then click the arrows to expand the toggle and write inside.

Screenshot of a list as dots with toggle options

You can also drag other blocks into this space if you want to add an image, header, divider, date bookmarks and anything else that can help you on your journey.

Some layout suggestions here are a simple list that spans the width of the page, or you can organize your lists into separate columns so that they take up less space. You can also add colors and emojis to organize and decorate your page as you like.

Screenshot of a list in the form of dots with the possibility of toggling organized in three columns

How to track your goals in concept with a table database

As you set your goals for each goal, think about how you can measure your progress. For example, walking to Mordor would be measured in miles, but not all at once. Maybe you want to take this trip by covering three miles a day until you hit 1,779.

However, goal tracking does not require an official unit of measurement like distance, time, or weight. You can measure the reading of a book in chapters or a series in volumes. Learning something new could be measured in lessons or milestones.

Whatever the goal, finding a way to measure your progress will help you determine how much and how often you need to reach your goal to reach it on time. Using this information, you can create a tracker in Notion.

Below your goals table, display the orders and select Table Database – Inline. In the leftmost column, add the days of the week.

Screenshot of a table with checkboxes created in project management software

Now add a Checkbox column for each of your goals that week. As you complete them, check them off. There are many database properties available to help you customize your table if you want to add more context in tracking your goals.

To add a little fun, think of your progress bar-like goal tracking in your favorite video game. As you complete it, you level up. Or you can play it trying not to break your streak.

Once it’s filled, go to your progress and see if you need to make any adjustments to your goal. From there you can uncheck all the boxes and reuse the same table.

If you want to refer to it later, you can create an archive page for your trackers, so you can move them there, launching a new tracker every week.

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Then comes the victory moment when you can swap that Objective Card for Complete and set your next one. If you are really crushing your goals and want to free up some space, you can create an archive page for your accomplishments and move them to a board there.

Achieve Your Goals

Now that you have the framework, it’s time to tackle your goals. Thanks to Notion, you’ll have a great place to set, track, access, and mark them as completed.

Beyond goal tracking, if you’re trying to avoid procrastination or stay in control of your job or school, Notion is one of the best productivity tools out there. You might want to check out what some of the other blocks, layouts, and databases have to offer.

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