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How to Know Which Apps Are Tracking You on iPhone

With Apple’s App Tracking Transparency tool, iPhone users can decide whether they want apps to share information with third parties. However, it’s easy to forget which apps you’ve allowed to track your activity, especially if you want to become more private.

While Apple asks for permission to allow an app to keep tabs on you when you first open an app, there’s a better way to stop individual apps from tracking your activity on apps and websites. other companies. Here’s how to find out which apps are tracking you on iPhone.

How to Know Which Apps Are Tracking You on iPhone

The tracking menu in your iPhone settings allows you to individually disable any apps that you have previously allowed to track you. Even better, you can automatically decline requests with each new app you download. If you’re looking to stay private, this is a handy way to easily opt out of an app’s tracking capabilities.

Follow the steps below to find out which apps are still tracking you and to deny or grant them access.

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  • On your iPhone, Go to settings.
  • Scroll down and tap Privacy.
  • near the top, tap Follow.
  • The Tracking menu will display a list of apps that may be tracking you. Tap the toggle next to the app you want to grant or deny app tracking permission.

It’s that simple. Disabling the “Allow apps to request tracking” toggle will automatically deny new app tracking requests if you don’t want new apps downloaded to track your activity.

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