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How to easily track your favorite sports and shows in Outlook

Have you ever wanted a more efficient way to follow your favorite sports team or remember when the next episode of your favorite TV show airs? Microsoft Outlook now has an easy way to help you.

The process of adding sports and TV schedules to your Outlook calendar list is simple. All you have to do is start by creating a new calendar in Outlook on the web.

How to create a new calendar in Outlook

Creating a new calendar in Outlook only takes a few steps.

  1. To get started, open Outlook in your browser.
  2. Then, from the icon bar on the left side of your screen, choose the calendar icon (which is just below the mail icon).
  3. In the calendar screen, choose Add a calendar, which should be available to the left of your open calendar. This screen offers a few different options. For example, you can add a blank calendar by choosing Create a blank calendarwhich will give you a new calendar without any pre-added events like holidays on your calendar.

You can also add colors and icons to your calendars from this screen, allowing you to further organize your calendars.

You can follow these same steps in Outlook desktop or mobile apps, although the interface is slightly different. (And if you’re using the Outlook mobile app, you can sync your Outlook calendar with your iPhone.)

How to add professional sports team schedules to your Outlook calendar

Although sporting events are available with a click, it is useful to organize them on a calendar. Automatically configure events on an Outlook calendar with help from Microsoft.

  1. To add sports team schedules, click the Add a calendar button to the left of your open calendar. Then, in the box that opens, click Sports.
  2. Outlook will suggest teams to add to your calendar based on location. If you want to add the schedule of one of these teams to your Outlook calendars, check the box to the left of the team name. This will create a new calendar with the team calendar.
  3. If you want to add a schedule from a team that is not automatically suggested, go to the bottom of the screen. Outlook will offer options from major US sports leagues, but you can choose to add team schedules from a wide range of sports. To do this, click Sports at the bottom of the screen.
  4. In the new screen, click on the sport you want to add to your calendar. You will then have the option to choose a specific league from that sport to narrow down the team options available. For example, if you select basketball, you can choose NBA, WNBA, NCAA Men’s League, or NCAA Women’s League.
  5. After choosing a league, Outlook will show you a list of all teams in the league, which you can then add to your Outlook calendar list.

In addition to putting all scheduled matches on your Outlook calendar, you will also be able to see the results of previously scheduled team events.

How to add TV show times to your Outlook calendar

Outlook can help you stay up to date with the variety of TV shows available. Add your favorites to an Outlook calendar to make them part of your daily schedule.

  1. To add TV show times, click the Add a calendar button to the left of your open calendar.
  2. Then select TV in the box that opens. Outlook will prompt you to select one of seven US time zones. After choosing a time zone, a list of TV channels will appear.
  3. Once you have chosen a network, a list of shows will appear on the screen. Unfortunately, not all programs will be available, as Microsoft predetermines the list of available programs.

It is important to note that the TV program feature is known to have some issues. So, if you followed each step correctly and your show schedule still doesn’t appear on your calendar, it’s Outlook’s fault.

Currently, the TV schedule feature is only available for broadcast and cable networks, so if you want to add the latest Netflix broadcast schedule to your schedule, you will need to add it manually.

What if the sport or show you want to watch isn’t available?

If Outlook doesn’t offer the sport or show you want to follow on your calendar, you can always add it through a third-party source, such as a team website, online TV guide, or sharing app. of calendar.

Microsoft says available calendar options vary by location, so you might not have access to sports and TV options in your area. Microsoft has confirmed that sports calendars are available in English-speaking countries and in China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain and Brazil. However, TV schedules only seem to be available in the United States.

  1. First, take the calendar you want to add to your Outlook calendar and save it as an .ics file.
  2. Then click on the Add a calendar button.
  3. On the screen that appears, select Download from File (on the left side of the screen).
  4. Picking out Browse to select the .ics file you want to upload or drag the file directly into the box.
  5. After adding the file, click Import.

In addition to adding professional sports and TV programs, you can now add anything to your program. For example, you might need to follow your softball team’s games or add the broadcast schedule of your favorite Netflix show.

Importing .ics files into your Outlook calendar list opens up a wide range of options for you.

Juggle all your calendars at once in Outlook

You can view all of your calendars from your main Outlook calendar screen. To the left of your calendar, you’ll see a header titled My calendars with a list of all the calendars you have created.

You can switch between events that appear on your main calendar by checking or unchecking the boxes to the left of the calendar name. From here, you can see team schedules or TV shows you’ve added. You can now follow your favorite teams and shows through Outlook.