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Houston Back on Track Launches Connect Campaign

Houston, July 29 2, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Houston Back on Track, the Greater Houston Partnership’s employer-led back-to-work initiative, is launching a campaign to connect job seekers with employers and community organizations. The campaign includes a new website, improved social channels and an extensive network of employers and community organizations offering services in English and Spanish to encourage strong job growth in Houston.

Dave Edwards, Director of Human Resources at Houston Back on Track Employer Partner Mustang Cat, says, “We realized a long time ago that we weren’t going to be able to find enough candidates with the experience we needed. So we are committed to training people and developing them for our roles. Edwards continued, “The great thing about Houston Back on Track is that it gives us the opportunity to retrain people who may have come from another industry and give them valuable skills to grow in their careers. .”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 214,000 Houstonians lost their jobs. They now find themselves navigating a post-pandemic economy requiring better skills and the uncertainty of rising inflation and a slowing economy. Good jobs are available in Houston, an area that typically creates 60,000 to 70,000 jobs per year. Houston Back on Track connects Houstonians seeking quality employment to programs that best fit their career and educational goals, typically in the customer service, energy, medical, and medical industries. and transport.

A program like this can be life changing for the person and their family as it gives them the opportunity to learn new skills, training and access to education that they did not have the first time around. said Edwards. “These skills allow you to enter an organization that can provide opportunities later. For me, it changes the life of any family.

To meet the region’s labor needs, Houston Back on Track partners with organizations such as WorkFaith, Houston Area Urban League, Wesley Community Center and many others to provide job seekers with free employs professional and financial coaching. Some offer in-house training programs, while others work with third-party vendors. Partners can also offer wraparound services like childcare and education, serve as food pantries, and help meet other critical needs.

“We understand that taking the first steps towards a new career can be daunting, especially for anyone who has spent months or years out of the workforce,” said Carl Salazar, Workforce Recovery Director. region of the Greater Houston Partnership. “Houston Back on Track is here to support you in your search for a new career. If you visit our new website, you can get started today. We’ll direct you to the best career coaches and resources from our partners.

Houston Back on Track partners with some of the area’s largest employers, including Houston Methodist, Mustang Cat, Silver Eagle Houston, Primary Services, and HCA Houston Healthcare. These employers are currently hiring for high-quality, long-term jobs. If you’re currently job hunting but want to learn more about a rewarding new career and want to speak with a career coach, visit the Houston Back on Track website to begin your new career path.

About Houston Back on track

Houston Back on Track is an employer-led back-to-work initiative developed by the Greater Houston Partnership and the Boston Consulting Group with a mission to help Houstonians impacted by the pandemic and current economic climate re-enter the workforce. work. By partnering with community and educational organizations and area employers, Houston Back on Track provides access to short-term training, certification programs and career coaching, providing job seekers with the confidence and the tools to find a rewarding new career.

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