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Health notebooks to monitor the state of vax | Allahabad News

Visitors to Magh Mela have been advised not to feed migrating birds

Prayagraj: Divisional Commissioner (Prayagraj Division) Sanjay Goyal on Friday asked senior district and health officials to ensure that all officials, employees and workers hired by different departments for the Magh mela arrangements are fully immunized.
He asked officials to compile a list by department of officials and employees who have not yet received the two doses. Steps must be taken to ensure that every individual is fully immunized, he added.
Goyal stressed the need to maintain health records containing details of Adhaar cards and vaccination of members of each organization setting up camps at the mela site as well as “kalpwasis”. He asked the health authorities to set up special teams to enforce the Covid protocol in the premises of mela. The members of these dedicated teams would receive training for better coordination between the different agencies responsible for the mela arrangement.
The divisional commissioner suggested to mela officials to launch two telephone helplines for visitors. Such facilities were also available at Kumbh mela 2019. He asked officials to develop a Mela app that would offer all kinds of information and assistance to visitors.
Directives have also been issued to install maps on the Magh Mela campus so that worshipers have no problem locating their camps or other facilities to be provided by the Mela administration.