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Health and social services center on the right track

The transformation of PSA House in Palmerston North into a modern and adaptable health and social care center is well underway.

Pierre Handcock

The building is owned by Gibbons and will be leased by UCOL | Te Pukenga. It will house our hands-on courses in nursing, medical imaging, social services and mental health education.

The building transformation is being carried out by Gibbons Naylor and W&W Construction. JTB Architects works with UCOL on planning, furnishings, fittings and specialist teaching equipment for clinical skills, hospital beds, X-ray labs, imaging labs, simulation and teaching spaces, kaimahi workstations and meeting rooms.

Along with this is the installation of information technology requirements such as a nurse call system, server rooms, security system and an underground fiber communication link to the building from block 9.

UCOL Director of Facilities Management Peter Handcock said the project is on track for Gibbons to hand over the building to UCOL in January. The soft fit will be completed by February, ready for ākonga to start learning from the new facility.

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On the rare occasions when it is called for, the public continues to reject tax cuts as such, as a political priority. He keeps saying that he either wants tax levels to stay the same or to be increased, so that public services can be maintained and even improved. In 2018, after nine years of systematic underfunding of health and education by the last national government, the public wanted better: A UMR survey…shows that 92% of Kiwis agree that public services like hospitals, schools and the transportation system need more government funding…