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GOQii launches care solutions for women to enable women to monitor their periods, pregnancy and general well-being

The convenient features built into the women’s care functionality of the GOQii app make it easy for its users to record their health data.

GOQii Smart Healthcare launched its “WomenCare” solutions in the GOQii app and Smart Vital devices to enable women to track their periods, pregnancy and predict their menstrual cycle, etc.

Thanks to this, women will also be able to predict the high, low and medium chances of getting pregnant. The convenient features built into the women’s care functionality of the GOQii app make it easy for its users to record their health data.

Based on the data provided by users about their menstrual cycle, such as cycle length, start date of their last period, average cycle length, the algorithms in the GOQii app will calculate the estimated date of the period. ovulation, when they are fertile, and when their next cycle is. This can be beneficial for women who want to keep track of their next period or who want to get pregnant.

The Women Care function of the GOQii application is accessible to all users.

Speaking at the launch, Vishal Gondal, Founder and CEO of GOQii said, “For a long time, wearable health devices revolved around fitness, health management, diet and so on. One area where the market did not look promising was in women’s health. follow-up of applications. With GOQii ‘Women Care’, we aim to provide a positive experience for women in monitoring their health and access the unique features offered by the GOQii preventive health care platform.

The preventive health care platform also provides information such as flow intensity, potential mood swings, and other noticeable symptoms to the user. It also informs the user to save their cycle if it is missed.

The GOQii app’s “Track Pregnancy” feature helps women track weekly progress in baby’s weight, height and other parameters. If the user activates pregnancy mode, a countdown to the birth of the baby will be displayed and cycle prediction will be disabled. This is of great help for women in the pregnancy phase who will witness continuous body changes.

To see Women Care data on your tracker, you must configure the Women Care function in the GOQii app and record at least 1 period. Among the existing trackers, the functionality will soon be available via a software update in GOQii Smart Vital and GOQii Vital 4. The functionality will also be available in the next GOQii trackers like GOQii Smart Vital plus and GOQii smart vital 2.0.

Rajashree Menon, Business Manager, Smart Healthcare, said: “Women make up half of the world’s population and so do India. We are excited to tackle a hitherto under-represented segment by providing effective assistance for women’s health issues such as PCOS, infertility, menstruation and maternal issues.

With lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and related conditions looming in women, we aim to become a health companion for women and help track vital menstrual data. , giving accurate predictions and information and encouraging them to connect with their doctors for advice and manage their overall well-being ”

Innovation in healthcare mobility is accelerating rapidly and it is quite promising. It is evident that these solutions will have a positive impact on patient outcomes and accessibility.

Founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneur and video game guru Vishal Gondal, GOQii Smart Healthcare empowers consumers around the world to lead better, healthier lives. GOQii is a pioneer in the field of fitness and healthcare based on smart technologies. GOQii’s smart technology-based healthcare platform brings together the entire preventive healthcare ecosystem.

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